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What We Can Offer


Complete Industrial Packaging Solutions

Logistic Packaging is the one stop shop solution for your industrial packaging needs. Our product range spans all types of packaging containers, box pallets and boxes manufactured at the highest levels of quality. We offer both standard and customized solutions for your transportation and storage needs, which you can browse on our catalog page.


Logistic Chain Optimisation

Choosing the right type of packaging is a critical strategic decision for the improvement of the supply chain flow and the reduction of your operational costs. Logistic Packaging is your trusted partner in identifying the most adequate packaging solutions for your merchandize from the moment it leaves your assembly line until it reaches the point of delivery.

High Quality

High Quality

At Logistic Packaging we are committed to implement the highest quality standards in everything we do. We are an ISO 9001 certified company and we take pride in the fact that we only use virgin materials in every product we manufacture.



Our Research & Development team is constantly searching for new and innovative designs, raw materials, and production technologies which will help us develop better products and reduce our impact on the environment. Every new development and innovation is thoroughly tested for reliability before being implemented in our production process.

Our products

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Our mission

Logistic Packaging is dedicated to its customers interests providing industrial packaging solutions that reduce total logistic costs. We are committed to offer to our customers the best experience in the market segment we serve by offering innovative products and packaging solutions. We are keen on meeting your needs by developing specially adjusted packing solutions for your business. Therefore we can customize any of the existing products according to your packaging needs.

It is essential to us to have a deep understanding about our customer’s supply and distribution chain so that we can identify and implement efficient packing systems.