returnable packaging customization helps tracking your packages

Key Benefits of Returnable Packaging Customization

As professional packaging producers, we know that companies face complex challenges when it comes to reducing loss. Packaging loss can add up to significant amounts. To counter this problem, one of the effective solutions is returnable packaging customization.

By making your plastic pallets, plastic containers and shipping totes unique through customization, we make them easily recognizable. Also, as part of the customization options, we can add features that help your company track and monitor its packaging materials.

The Most Frequent Customization Options Our Clients Request

Returnable packaging customization refers to adding various elements to your packaging materials, such as:

  • Various packaging colors
  • Hot stamping or printing your company logo and other information
  • Adding barcodes or RFID chips for tracking
  • Adding optional accessories: lids, extra handles, special bottom or sides.

These are, also, the most frequently purchased customization options by our clients. They understand that adding these features help track their packages easier. This means that all packages are accounted for and, with the exception of unavoidable accidents, they will get them back and ready for a new use cycle.

What Are the Benefits of Returnable Packaging Customization?

All these general aspects made you curious. Now the packaging specialists at Logistic Packaging will detail the main reasons to opt for returnable packaging customization:

Increased Brand Awareness

You know how important it is to promote your brand image through all possible channels. Packaging is one of the most important elements in your branding strategy. So why stop at the primary packaging for your products?

Returnable packaging customization is just as important. Plastic crates, pallets and foldable boxes travel a lot and are visible to many potential clients and stakeholders.

Consider the person in charge to oversee a delivery. They will report to the store manager about the neat, clean crates delivered by your company. They will remember your company name, because they saw it printed on each packaging material.

This is a form of brand awareness – determining the respective client to keep your company as their preferred supplier.

Improved Product Traceability

Product loss is a major issue – and many products get lost or stolen in transit. RFID chips or barcodes printed on packaging materials can help your company track shipments from checkpoint to checkpoint. This will help you understand where and how product loss happens most frequently.

In turn, you can create new controls and security policies to reduce loss and improve your bottom line. All these are possible thanks to simple returnable packaging customization add-ons to our standard packaging materials.

Discouraging Packaging Theft and Loss

Returnable plastic packaging materials are more expensive than other solutions and more reliable. These characteristics may determine unethical persons to keep them and not send them back to you. In time, packaging theft or loss can add up to your unplanned expenses, as you need to restock on pallets or containers.

However, clearly branded packaging is less likely to be lost or stolen. It can be tracked and the person in its possession held accountable for it. For this reason, many companies choose returnable packaging customization with their name, logo and even a serial number.

Increased Accountability in Handling Packaging

While product damage and loss most often happens in transit, packages get damaged during loading/unloading operations. However, when there is a company name on the pallet or foldable large container, workers’ perception change. It is no longer just a bit of packaging, but company property.

They know that they will be held accountable for rough handling. Thus, they will be more careful to load and unload packaging materials following the best practices. Inn turn, your company will use these products up to their average lifespan, achieving full ROI.

The team of packaging professionals at Logistic Packaging can help you select the best products for your business needs and perform returnable packaging customization. Send us an email to discuss your packaging project with one of our experienced consultants!