Transporting fruits and vegetables long distance is a challenge, but at Logistic Packaging we welcome challenges. We understand the rigors regarding the design and the materials for pallets and containers where agricultural produce will be stored, shipped and displayed in stores.

Our range of products for agricultural use are manufactured from virgin material, in full compliance with local and community regulations and are guaranteed to keep the produce fresh and protect them from damage during storage and transportation.

The pallets, palletboxes, containers, foldable boxes, dollies and other types of containers produced by Logistic Packaging are designed with small perforations and smooth surfaces, ensuring both ventilation and protection for the products carried inside them. They are also easy to wash clean, maximizing the number of use cycles, and made of sturdy and reliable materials for an extended life span.

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When it comes to shipping and storage of Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) vehicle parts, Logistic Packaging is the strong link in a long and reliable chain of supply. We understand the need for globalization in an industry which spans continents, with manufacturing plants in one country and assembly lines in another country.

Therefore, packing, shipping and storing the original components is a critical aspect of the entire car manufacturing process. Logistic Packaging is proud to be a reliable partner in this process, supplying the entire range of plastic pallets, VDA-C/R/RL/F-KLT boxes, Galia containers, containers in EURO sizes, foldable and collapsible boxes, foldable large containers and all the accessories needed such as Placard adhesive labelholders, Galia or other types of labelholders, internal dividers made from textile or corrugated PP, in various shapes and sizes to satisfy all our customers’ needs.

All our products are standardized to meet the industry requirement, and manufactured with high quality materials, ensuring adequate protection for the stored components and an extended use. Take the tour of our full range of containers specially designed for the automotive industry and make the right choice – choose Logistic Packaging as your trusted partner and supplier.

MarketsDistribution and Retail

Distribution and Retail

We live in a highly dynamic globalized trade world, where merchandize is shipped from one continent to another on a daily basis – and Logistic Packaging is an important part of this shipping process. We are your reliable partner whenever you need pallets, distribution containers such as bale-arm stack-nest containers, attached lid boxes or other means of packing, shipping and storing goods of various types.

We promise three simple things: quality, flexibility and reliability. Whatever type of merchandize you need to transport and store, we have the right type of pallet or container, be it for textiles, bulky products, fragile merchandize or high tech gadgets. We supply only high quality and sturdy boxes and containers, adequate for long term use and easy to clean.

Logistic Packaging is at the heart of many industry operations, and distribution and retail are two of our specialty sectors. From the manufacturing plant to the retail store shelf, your merchandize will be safe inside our containers and boxes.

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Electronic parts and components are at the heart of our modern life – and Logistic Packaging is ready to help you ship whatever type of systems or machinery in complete safety and reliability. Some parts require special packaging and shipping conditions, such as protection from vibrations and electrostatic shocks. Others need to be maintained in special temperature and humidity conditions.

We understand the restrictions and rigorous conditions required for each type of fine electronic devices and components and we have the adequate solutions for your needs: ESD pallets/boxes/containers, internal separators and racks for PCBs, antistatic bags, foils and other similar shipping containers.

The range of packaging solutions supplied by Logistic Packaging is in continuous development, in tune with the exigencies of the industry. Our research and development efforts are always focused on complying with the ever changing standards of quality.

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MarketsFood and Food processing

Food and Food processing

The food industry is under intense scrutiny by various regulatory bodies, in every aspect of the processing. For Logistic Packaging, it is one of the most earnest commitments to be able to provide our clients in the food processing industry with 100% compliant shipping and storage pallets and boxes.

We understand that everything touching raw or processed products for human consumption must be clean, safe and made of materials which do not release dangerous chemicals into the food. And we are also aware that the entire supply chain that brings food on people’s tables must be responsible and committed to maintain food safety at all costs.

The entire range of products supplied by Logistic Packaging is completely reliable and safe, easy to clean and return to use in a very short time. At the end of their useful life, you will be able to recycle them in compliance with the environmental protection laws and regulations in your country.

Whatever exigency you demand from shipping and storage food on plastic pallets or in stackable/nestable boxes such as E2, E3 or EURO, palletboxes, we are ready to meet it. Take a look at the whole range of products supplied by Logistic Packaging – click here to find our online catalog.

MarketsIndustrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

Manufacture is the backbone of civilization and everywhere around the world people need various parts and equipment, from small sized mechanisms to heavy and voluminous machinery. Logistic Packaging has the right size of containers, pallets and boxes, adapted to all sizes and other requirements.

Our partnership with various clients in the field of industrial manufacturing allowed us to develop a close understanding of the needs and requirements for the safe transport and storage of machine, devices and equipment. Logistic Packaging supplies every type of transporting container and storage pallet you may need and is ready to assist you with advice in selecting the best range of products for your specific needs.

We aim to continue developing our network of clients and to become the most relevant supplier of shipping and storage solutions for your business. And we believe that we can continue improving our products and services and continually renew our commitments to our clients.

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