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The Ecopack containers are the ideal option if you want to pack your products neatly on a standard pallet base and keep them safely locked in a sturdy container. The ingenious design of the Ecopack features a foldable sleeve pack system, access doors to help your employees load and unload products quickly and efficiently and a lid with locks.

This pallet sleeve container features two types of collapsing down the walls, depending on the model: M folding and Z folding. No matter which model you choose, once the container is empty and collapsed on the pallet base it reduces its volume significantly, allowing you to save storage space in the warehouse and during the return journey of the empty containers.

Why is this foldable bulk container called Ecopack? Because it is made of 100% recyclable materials, allowing your company to maintain its environmentally friendly status.

The Ecopack is fit both for bulky loads and for products which need dividing systems which can be fitted inside the Ecopack. Applications vary from textile dunnage, foam applications to racking systems.

The main advantage of the Ecopack containers is the special design which offers a generous storage volume, a load capacity of up to 350 kg in a very lightweight structure (less than 40 kg). Thus, your company will achieve a superior merchandize/ packaging weight ratio and ship more products with each transport.