Ecopack E1612L

Reference: LP-FLC-EPK-1612L

  • M-folding system to optimize storage space;
  • Consists of a solid pallet base and a lid secured on top with locking holes on the sleeve;
  • Sturdy structure with a loading capacity of up 350 kg;
  • 4 locking tabs on the bottom pallet plus pallet cover;
  • Wide side loading door for easy access;
  • The base is a sturdy pallet with closing lid and locking system to keep goods safely stored;
  • 100% recyclable.

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Technical specifications

General Information:


  • pallet and lid: twinsheet extruded HDPE, virgin;
  • sleeve: 10 mm 3-layer PP/PE

Volume: 1374 lt
Weight: 41.6 kg
Static load: 350 kg
Stackability: 1+4
Colour: Grey, Black
Temperature resistance: -20o…+50oC


External Dimensions: 1600 x 1200 x 990 mm
Internal Dimensions: 1540 x 1130 x 795 mm

Benefits (Rate of return):

Truck Loading Quantity:

  • empty: 272 pcs.
  • full: 48 pcs.

Rate of return: 1:5.67

Optional customization:

  • branded colors and printing on the container
  • watertight lid locking with E-CAP system
  • label pockets
  • plastic bottomsheet and separators (3, 5, 10 mm)


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