About us

Logistic Packaging is an international fast growing company with production facilities based in Romania and Austria.We are specialized in designing and producing innovative and efficient returnable packaging solutions (Plastic Pallets, Plastic boxes and containers, Foldable containers, Pallet Containers, Plastic crates, Dollies)  for automotive, agriculture, food, logistics and distribution, chemicals, postal services and other industries.

Our products comply with EU norms and regulations and are also approved by well-known international automotive organizations such as VDA and Galia Odette.

We help our clients reduce their total logistic cost by promoting and implementing innovative and efficient solutions, thus offering best value industrial packaging.

Last but not least, we are keen on protecting the environment. All our products are fully recyclable and thanks to our raw material production and collection system we bring our contribution to a greener world.

Become a partner

Logistic Packaging is looking to expand its network of partners in order to reach an ever increasing number of clients who need professional packaging solutions. If you are already or want to be operating in the field of distributing containers, pallets and storage boxes, you can benefit from the advantages of the brand name Logistic Packaging and the quality of our products.

We offer support, promotional and marketing materials and in exchange demand the same level of trust that our clients expect from us. Our goal is to be of service in every corner of Europe and to contribute to the supply chain in inter-community merchandize transport and sales.

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Our mission

Logistic Packaging is dedicated to its customers interests providing industrial packaging solutions that reduce total logistic costs. We are committed to offer to our customers the best experience in the market segment we serve by offering innovative products and packaging solutions. We are keen on meeting your needs by developing specially adjusted packing solutions for your business. Therefore we can customize any of the existing products according to your packaging needs.

It is essential to us to have a deep understanding about our customer’s supply and distribution chain so that we can identify and implement efficient packing systems.

General terms & conditions for business

I. Applicability

1. The following terms and conditions of Business shall apply to contractors, legal entities and public special resources.

2. These terms and conditions apply to all offers and quotations made and to all agreements relating to sales and deliveries by Logistic Packaging SRL and the supply by Logistic Packaging SRL of services and/or advice.


Environment safety

Our environmental protection department implemented a system for collecting and recycling the waste resulted from production. The materials we use and our final products are 100% recyclable.


Discover the full range of products supplied by Logistic Packaging included in our downloadable catalogs. We offer both standard and customized packaging solutions adapted to the needs and exigencies of various industries.