VDA-KLT Containers

Our range of VDA- KLT containers is designed and approved by German VDA organization. These stackable plastic containers were originally created for the German automotive industry. However the VDA-KLT boxes have become a standard multi-purpose packaging for the logistic loop of all the major automotive brands across the world.

What Are the Key Features of VDA-KLT Containers?

The stackable containers for the auto industry can be used for intensive handling. They can withstand a static load of up to 60 kg, while the stack load can reach 600 kg. These heavy duty industrial boxes have a special design with struts. Thus, they are easy to handle by robots, which have replaced manual labor in automotive manufacturing and assembly facilities.

The VDA-KLT plastic boxes have internationally recognizable references:

  • VDA-R-KLT 6429, VDA-R-KLT 6415, VDA-R-KLT 4329, VDA-R-KLT 4315, VDA-R-KLT 3215
  • VDA-RL-KLT 6280, VDA-RL-KLT 6147, VDA-RL-KLT 4280, VDA-RL-KLT 4147, VDA-RL-KLT 3147
  • F-KLT 6410
  • C-KLT 3214, C-KLT 4314, C-KLT 4321, C-KLT 4328, C-KLT 6414, C-KLT 6417, C-KLT 6421, C-KLT 6428

All VDA-KLT containers feature integrated label holders on both short and long side. Thus, your employees will identify the contents of each box quickly and your internal logistic processes will be sped up.

Find below all our subcategories of VDA-KLT containers and get in touch with us to discuss your application!