ESD Stack Nest Containers

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ESD containers have many uses, including the transport of cable harnesses. The long boxes for cables have a special ergonomic design, with a front flap for easy access to the cable. These containers can be transported in stack when they carry products and fully nested when empty, to save space and money on the return journey.

The ESD stack-nest container is made of polypropylene resistant to the most common types of oils, alkali and acids and is temperature resistant in the range of -20° and +70° C. The ESD boxes have passed the VDZ transport and load capacity test and are designed with smooth surfaces for easy cleaning.

The ESD resistance of this stack-nest container is in the range of ≥ 1 x 104 x ≤1 x 1010 Ohm and features a ribbed base with tread for mini load applications.