Stack-Nest Containers

The stack-nest containers are a popular and broadly used solution for material handling. Thanks to their cone shape, these stack-nest boxes can be stacked either one on top of the other, or nested when empty in order to save space. The nesting ratio can go up to 70%.

Our stack-nest range includes:

  • Euro Stack-Nest Containers 180 – these standard containers save space when nested empty and are available in both EURO and special sizes, solid or perforated walls;
  • Bale-Arm Containers – these boxes can be nested by pulling aside the plastic arms;
  • Attached Lid Containers – the lid is attached to the box using special long side hinges and thus it cannot be lost;
  • Nestable Containers with lids, for Pharma industry – these totes were designed for shipping and distribution of various goods: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, packed foods, etc.;
  • Hog Box – the only nestable oversized box that can be handled with a forklift and is designed for heavy loads;
  • The Fish Containers are ideal for catching, processing and storing fish;
  • Bread and Bakery Trays for handling bakery and pastry products.