Logibox double walled container for intralogistics

Coming Soon: Logibox, the Double Walled Container Specially Designed for Intralogistics

The Logistic Packaging team is excited to announce a new product line in our standard catalog. Logibox, a double walled container, is designed and built especially for automated warehouses, fulfillment centers and intralogistics. This is our response to increased demands for a new packaging solution for moving small parts along the assembly line in an ever faster and more demanding global supply chain.

A New World with New Challenges

There is no doubt about the fact that, even after a successful immunization of the general population with COVID vaccines, we will not go back to the old normal. The changes we had to implement in 2020 will stay with us, at every level. From everyday lives and personal choices, to the way we do business and perform our professional duties, we will all live in a new normal reality.

This reality involves reduced unessential personal contact and increased digitalization of every potential aspect of our lives. Ecommerce, for example, is going to remain the new norm for shopping. And it impacts every aspect of the supply chain, such as:

  • Sourcing raw materials
  • The internal logistic loop of production and assembly facilities
  • Distribution to regional fulfillment centers
  • Delivery to end customers.

Logibox Double Walled Container – a New Player in a Fast Changing Production Environment

When the Logistic Packaging R&D team started working on a new type of standard returnable packaging material, we focused on the new requirements of production and assembly facilities. They need to have a constant output of finished products to keep up with increased demands.

Thus, most production and assembly lines are now fully automated. They rely on a complex system of conveyor belts moving semi-finished parts from one assembly point to another. This system of moving goods in plastic boxes poses a few challenges:

  • The noise produced by friction between the container base and the rollers of the conveyor belt
  • Potential accidents when boxes pass over curved areas of the conveyor belt
  • Using logistic machines to place/retrieve the boxes in bottomless racking systems
  • Handling of the boxes by robotic arms during the assembly process.

Our logistics experts analyzed all these challenges and came up with an innovative product: Logibox double walled container.

Key Benefits and Features of Logibox Double Walled Container

First of all, Logibox double walled container is designed for use in standardized logistics systems. It has a standard EURO base (600 x 400 mm) and is available in three heights:

  • 220 mm
  • 270 mm
  • 320 m.

As its name suggests, these standard containers for intralogistics have a double base and double walled corners. These special features allow Logibox to handle loads of up to 50 kg and offer smooth, silent operation on conveyor lines. At the same time, the box has reinforcement ribs for improved stability.

The design of Logibox double walled container make it an ideal choice for storage in racking systems and handle by automated shuttle systems and robotic arms. And, despite its complex designed, the reusable intralogistics container has a low own weight (max. 2.6 kg).

Special Design Features and Optional Characteristics

Since the Logibox double walled container is primarily used in assembly facilities, we understand that it may be necessary to pack different parts in the same box. Thus, the design incorporates special guides for compartments (1/2 to 1/8 divisions). The dividers are secured by a special system that does not allow them to slide out of place.

Also, we understand that, at the end of the assembly process, the Logibox will be handled by a person, therefore the intralogistics container is provided with open or closed handles.

At the same time, we can deliver the boxes with special drainage holes, which comply with VDS and FM Global fire regulations).

The Logibox double walled container will soon be available in our standard products category. We encourage you to contact us in advance to learn more about its applications for your specific use case by email or by scheduling a live Skype chat with our packaging consultants!