large foldable containers

Logistic Packaging Provides Large Foldable Containers for the Food Bank Program

The Logistic Packaging team is always happy to join efforts with other companies for a good cause. As the Christmas holidays are coming, a major retailer has joined the Food Bank program, encouraging its clients to purchase and donate products with a long shelf life, such as flour, sugar and oil. The packaging experts at Logistic Packaging recommended large foldable containers as the ideal solution for collecting these donations.

Meeting the Need for Large Scale Food Collection

We were approached by the logistics director of the retail chain, asking for an efficient packaging solution for their food collection efforts. The basic requirements for the containers were:

  • Large size and a medium to high loading capacity
  • Design that facilitates handling by forklifts and other logistic equipment
  • A sleeve design allowing customers to place the items inside the container.

Our team discussed the complete supply chain operation with the retailer. As soon as a container is filled to capacity, it is picked up and delivered to a central warehouse. There, the employees unload it quickly and put it back in the trailer to be returned to the store to collect new donations.

Why Large Foldable Containers Respond to This Specific Project

All our team members unanimously recommended the large foldable containers as the ideal solution for the Food Bank program. This sturdy container has a large capacity and is easy to handle by warehouse machines thanks to the bottom design with feet or skids.

The foldable lateral sleeve allows easy access to the contents and the lid on top secures the products and protects them from damage during transport. After discharging the contents, one person can easily fold the walls down onto the base, reducing the volume of the container by up to 80%.

Our Contributions for a World without Hunger

Speaking about this project, Mr. Sorin Mitrea, Sales Manager of Logistic Packaging declared:

“This Christmas will be a little better for many families who will receive packages with basic foods. We believe that, if everyone does their part, we can change the world and fight against one of the worst plights – hunger. We are happy to work with any major retailer enrolling in the Food Bank program and find the best packaging solutions for the products generously donated by their customers.”

The large foldable containers are currently branded with the logos of the retailer and of the Food Bank program and are available at the store entrance for everyone who wishes to donate long shelf life products.