plastic pallets

Plastic Pallets Prove that One Small Link Keeps the Supply Chain Together

We have written a lot about plastic pallets. They are one of the main categories of returnable packaging materials that we produce. But this is not the reason for our dedication to making plastic pallets known to all companies handling, selling or storing goods. We want to help them understand that they can optimize their operations and reduce costs and loss by choosing plastic pallets over other types of packages.

Over the years, the packaging and logistics experts at Logistic Packaging discussed with many operations managers and buyers. They were not convinced that a simple switch in packaging choices can have such a profound effect on their business. And it is not difficult to see their point. They are seasoned professionals, they use smart tools to make predictions and build sale models and so on. However, we are also seasoned professionals and we know how many elements of the supply chain depend on this single element: the plastic pallet.

Plastic Pallets Evolve with Industry Needs

A simple concept with multiple applications – this is the secret behind the popularity of plastic pallets as first choice for transport packaging. Pallets can help companies:

  • Calculate their shipping volumes with great precision
  • Optimize trailer and warehouse space by stacking
  • Evaluate transportation costs accurately
  • Handle merchandize quickly and efficiently.

We like to say that plastic pallets played a crucial role in global commerce. Standardization of footprints helps shipping companies and customs authorities count and evaluate the value of each shipment. Meanwhile, the new features incorporated in plastic pallet design keep up with the demands of various industries in terms of:

  • Quick and safe handling
  • Hygiene
  • Ability to carry heavy loads
  • Repeated use cycles over a long period of time
  • Specific features to offer products extra protection.

Eliminating Packaging Waste Is the New Norm

Years ago, companies used their environmental friendly approach to business as extra selling point for B2B and B2C clients. Now it is a basic prerequisite. The “send it and forget it” approach to packaging has become obsolete and also comes with various penalties – regulatory or in terms of losing business.

Letting clients deal with one-way packaging is no longer acceptable. Most companies want to receive the goods and not have to worry about disposing of cardboard boxes and broken wooden pallets. This is where plastic pallets make the difference: once the products are unloaded, the pallets are stacked back inside the trailer and go back to the sender.

Plastic Pallets Meet the Demands for Supply Chain Efficiency and Optimization

Using plastic pallets, companies can simplify and optimize supply chain operations. Suppliers, distribution companies, retailers and manufacturers can create a healthy supply chain ecosystem in relation to their partners using plastic pallets.

These are some of the specific applications our company has worked on and can provide on demand:

  • Branding plastic pallets
  • Applying barcodes or RFID chips to track merchandize in transit
  • Creating custom footprints for challenging products
  • Adding safety accessories for extra protection, such as anti-slip mats, pins and wedges.

Moreover, depending on the material handling equipment used in warehouses and loading docks, you can choose plastic pallets with feet or skids for optimal grip and manipulation.

Modern Pallets: a Mix of Professional Design and Exceptional Resilience

Packaging says a lot about a company. For consumer, an attractive package is a key factor in the buying decision. For B2B clients, returnable packaging used to deliver orders determines a long partnership based on confidence.

Image is at the heart of business and plastic pallets help companies show that they are professional and care about product safety and integrity. At the same time, these pallets can take a lot of intense use over a long period of time without suffering damages.

In turn, this means that plastic pallets have a high ROI and low total cost of ownership. These are key factors in reducing operational costs without compromising quality and safety.

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