customized protective packaging

Customized Protective Packaging – Saving Space and Your Products from Damage!

When a client says that they need special packaging for their products, we know what they usually mean: customized protective packaging. Over the years, we have developed a lot of tailored reusable packaging, including kits that create a modular packaging unit. We also worked for clients whose products are very heavy or oversized.

However, the most challenging aspects of our work occur when we have to deal with delicate, sensitive and valuable items. From electronic parts to precision instruments, from luxury retail products to finely tuned electronic devices, we know that these products require high levels of protection from:

  • Mechanical shocks
  • Vibrations
  • Electrostatic discharges
  • Scratching
  • Dust
  • Spillage.

When You Can’t Find the Right Package, We Invent It

On various occasions, we had to find a way to adapt standard packaging solutions for overseas shipping, such as large plastic containers or VDA-KLT boxes to offer superior protection to the products. At the same time, our clients wished to be able to pack more products in the same container, without compromising their integrity.

Such accessories do not exist among our standard packaging options. In many cases, we worked side by side with our customer to create customized protective packaging that fit their products. Over time, the Logistic Packaging R&D team has developed a list of the most in-demand protective packaging and we included them in our catalog for customized products.

In this article, we will focus on the benefits of these customized packages from the point of view of added protection for your products.

1. Textile Dunnage

Textile dunnage represents dividers placed inside shipping containers. As their name states, this type of customized protective packaging is made of cloth. It allows companies to place a larger number of sensitive items in the same container, without the risk of scratching by contact or friction.

Textile dunnage is frequently used in the automotive industry for packin windshields and painted car body parts. They are also recommended for all industries producing:

  • Glassware
  • Finished metallic products (faucets for bathrooms and sinks)
  • Ceramic objects
  • Textiles.

2. Dividing Systems

When our customers ask about customized protective packaging that allow them to pack a large quantity of small products in the same container, we are ready to start designing a dividing system for them.

There are practically no limits to the possible configurations. We start from the size and shape of the product and the interior dimensions of the container. After various computer simulations, we reach the final structure of the divider system. Its role is to maximize the use of the available space in the container, while protecting products from damage.

3. Thermoformed Trays

One of the most highly customized protective packaging, the thermoformed tray will take the shape of the product placed in it. These reusable packaging solutions are frequently seen in toolboxes and instrument cases, to keep each of the items firmly in place.

They are also used for shipping semi-finished parts and components, such as headlights in the automotive industry, as well as sensitive consumer electronics (smartphones, tablets, game consoles, etc.). This type of customized protective packaging can also be made of ESD material, protecting electronics from electrostatic discharges.

4. Foam Packaging

Foam is the softest and most shock absorbent material for customized protective packaging. We recommend it for the most delicate and sensitive items, that also have premium prices.

As a producer of such items, your company’s reputation can take a severe hit if you deliver damaged items to your customers. Thus, finding the most adequate customized protective packaging will protect both your bottom line (reduced loss from damaged items) and your brand image and value.

For the team of experts at Logistic Packaging, the safety of your products in transit is as important as your need to optimize operational costs. Send us an email or schedule a Skype video call to start developing your customized protective packaging with us!