Textile dunnage

With textile dunnage you can transport up to 30% more merchandize inside a container and save a substantial portion of your regular shipping costs. Textile dunnage allows you to nest various components close together, yet protecting them from shocks, dust, scratches, vibrations and electrostatic discharges.

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Logistic Packaging offers you the ultimate packing solution in terms of flexibility and cost/benefit ratio. The textile dunnage is resistant and reusable and at the end of the useful life it is 100% recyclable.

Do you need further reasons to replace your regular dividers with textile dunnage?

  • it is recommended for transporting automotive parts with various coatings
  • you can fold containers without disturbing the nesting configuration
  • there is no limit to the types of configurations
  • no dust and scratches on the merchandize, even during rough transport conditions

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