Dividing systems, compartments and trays

When you have to ship a lot of products continuously, it is important to optimize your logistic costs. One way of doing this is by finding a solution to pack more products in a box or container and thus make the best use of all available storage space.

Logistic Packaging has a very simple and useful solution for you: our range of dividing system.

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Store and transport your merchandize safeand neatly packed with our range of dividing systems. Depending on your type of project, our specialists can recommend the optimal configuration of separators in order to use the storage space in boxes, means of transportations and warehouses efficiently, thus reducing your total costs.

The dividers, compartments and trays manufactured by Logistic Packaging are adapted to various kinds of merchandize:

  • fragile items
  • small sized items
  • items that must be protected from vibrations, scratches, dust, humidity, etc.

Our dividing systems can be adapted to any type of shipping boxes, trays and containers, of any size. They are manufactured at the adequate sizes, so that the merchandize is packed safely, reaching the destination without being damaged during transportation.

Depending on the type of merchandize, the compartments and dividing systems can be:

  • made of rigid or corrugated PP
  • with welded edges
  • with rounded edges
  • with smooth or corrugated surface
  • treated against corrosion
  • covered with textile dunnage

The trays made of cellular plastic can beused in various manners, for instance, as lids for the boxes transported on a pallet. They can be made of PP sheets, laminated or not, with foam padding or un-woven textiles.

For further information, visit our catalog page and see the full specifications for each product.

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