Thermoformed Products

Thermoformed trays are a very useful item for manufacturers and distributors who need to pack their merchandize tightly fitting to their exact form. The trays can be either arranged in a box or loaded on a pallet, and the merchandize shall be safe during handling and transportation.

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The main advantage of thermoformed products is that they can be shaped in any size and any shape without restrictions. The manufacturing process uses the computer image of the product, with its precise measurements, to shape the thermoformed tray so that there is no movement when the product is inserted in its place.

Other advantages:

  • they can be made of ESD materials for use with electronic parts and devices
  • they withstand heavy loads
  • can be customized to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • can be branded with custom colors and labels for display in store.

The thermoformed products are useful in many industries, including pharmaceutical and food. This is owed to the raw materials used, which are non-toxic and approved by various regulating authorities for the use with processed food items.
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