textile dunnage can be used in any industry to protect sensitive products

Textile Dunnage – The Most Versatile Accessory for Returnable Plastic Containers

One of the biggest challenges for logistics managers is maximizing the density of products per container in order to reduce transportation costs. However, they know that they cannot simply tell warehouse workers to add more items to each container no matter what. The items need proper protection against crushing, scratching and other mechanical damages. This is why textile dunnage became a game changer for all industries.

These textile dividers are the go-to accessory for the most diverse types of shipments, from automobile parts to the most recent smartphone models and fast fashion items. In this article, the logistics specialists at Logistic Packaging will discuss some of the most popular applications of textile dunnage.

The Automotive Industry Relies on Textile Dividers for Sensitive Parts

While cars are not generally perceived as sensitive products, they are made up of many parts and components that require careful handling during shipping. Our company worked with tier I, II and III auto suppliers to create custom textile dunnage pockets and dividers for:

  • Painted parts (doors and hoods)
  • Steering wheels
  • Front and back windshield
  • Decorative parts applied on the dashboard and interior of the car doors
  • LCD screens for the dashboard.

These parts must arrive at the assembly facility in perfect condition, without a dent or a scratch. And soft textile dividers are the only packaging solution to offer this level of protection.

Combined with special returnable containers for steering wheels and cut&weld oversized boxes for large parts, Logistic Packaging is able to create unique packaging solutions that solve any challenges.

Protective Dunnage for Hi-Tech Devices

The electronics industry is among the busiest sectors at global level. Consumers have an endless appetite for large screen TVs, smartphones and other gadgets that make their life simpler.

However, from a logistics viewpoint, transportation for electronics goes beyond the finished product. The internal logistic loop of the electronics industry involves suppliers of specialized parts and components, as well as shipping semi-finished elements to the final assembly facility.

Textile pouches and dividers are often paired with ESD containers and PCB racks to create a compact and safe packing unit for extremely sensitive electronic parts. These parts are at the core of all smart devices.

Retail Products Need Extra Protection in Transit

The retail sector definitely has a very long and complex supply chain. And some consumer goods need special protection as they travel over seas and bumpy roads to reach the store shelf.

Ceramics, glassware, some delicate metalwork items are among the products for which we design and produce customized textile dividers for the foldable large containers in which they are shipped.

In some cases, we use thicker dunnage to create separate compartments for different products placed in the same containers. This is the most effective option for reducing the volume of shipments without compromising the level of protection for each type of item.

Fashion Products Must Arrive to the Store in Pristine Conditions

The level of competition for market share is incredibly high in the fashion industry. These companies invest a lot in their image, in marketing and in primary product packaging.

Needless to say, their products must be in perfect condition – without creases, spots, tears or missing ornaments. To achieve this difficult goal over a long and complex supply chain, fashion producers and retailers create special packaging units, lined with textile dunnage.

The design of these dividers and pouches allows maximum use of the container space, without affecting the condition of the products placed inside them.

Logistic Packaging is always ready to help companies create customized packaging solutions for their specific needs. Send us an email to request samples of textile dunnage and start designing your own unique packaging materials!