Cut & Weld Boxes and Containers

Some products are too large to fit in standard sized boxes and containers. What is the solution to ship them safely, without dismantling them? The answer is very simple: you take two or more boxes, cut away one side and weld them together to form a larger box.

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Of course, this is just a simplistic presentation of the manufacturing process for these oversized boxes and containers. It takes a lot of engineering and precision to fit the edges exactly and to create a sturdy final product which is able to carry your merchandize safely, even through difficult transportation conditions. The special welding procedure is designated to deliver this promise of safety during the entire handling, shipping and delivery process.

According to the specifications of your products, the basic EURO container structure can be extended by length, width or depth, so that your items fit perfectly inside, without applying pressure to the merchandize or too much room for wobbling and tumbling.

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