Returnable Containers for Steering Wheels

Automotive packaging is one of the most challenging types of work we undertake, because this industry has implemented strict standards concerning design, materials, and sizing. In certain situations, we have to create completely customized packaging solutions, such as the returnable containers for steering wheels.

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At Logistic Packaging, you can work directly with our packaging designers to create customized foldable large containers with internal dunnage for the safe transportation of steering wheels. Our team has the know-how to handle the most specific requirements, ensuring that your valuable automotive parts arrive at the assembly facility in good condition.

The Challenges of Creating Adequate Returnable Containers for Steering Wheels

The steering wheel is one of the critical parts of an automobile. It must offer the driver a good grip and precise movements at high speeds. Also, modern steering wheels are equipped with various commands and sensitive electronic modules, such as for the car entertainment system. This means that steering wheels require a high level of protection in transit.


These challenges require specific approaches in designing and manufacturing automotive packaging for steering wheels. We can offer you a wide range of customizations:

  • Any size, including non-EURO pallet containers, sleeve pack containers
  • Internal dividers made of  high quality microfiber and foam to protect the steering wheels from scratching, mechanical shocks and electrostatic discharges
  • Textile or ESD foldable pockets or sewed dividers
  • Foldable dunnage with the container sleeve, stored in a special collar.

Safety, Space Saving and Brand Awareness

At Logistic Packaging, we understand that your company needs to find smart ways to reduce operational costs, without sacrificing quality and safety.

Our returnable containers for steering wheels are designed to offer you all the benefits you are looking for:

  • Foldable large containers reduce their volume by up to 70% when they are empty
  • Sturdy build to protect the sensitive steering wheels during transportation
  • Branding your returnable containers for steering wheels with your company name and logo.

Our team can create a suitable packaging solution based on the 3D model of the steering wheel to achieve the highest density of parts inside the container, maximum protection, best ergonomics and handling.

We are happy to assist you with any packaging projects you may have. Please send us an email at with your specifications. For further details, visit our catalog page and contact us for more information!


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