automotive logistic loop

Professional Packaging Producers – Partners for Entire Automotive Logistic Loop

The average passenger car has 30,000 parts including very small ones (screws, bolts, etc.). Some of these parts are made by a supplier and delivered directly to the assembly line. Others will go to other automotive suppliers, which use them to create various components and systems. Thus, more than a dozen suppliers are involved in producing an automobile. At the core of this complex automotive logistic loop are careful planning, coordination, stock monitoring and reliable returnable packaging solutions, compatible with all the material handling systems in each production facility.

As professional packaging producers, Logistic Packaging is a one-stop-shop for the entire automotive supply chain. Our ranges of returnable plastic packages are built to meet the needs and specific requirements of the automotive industry. We take pride in our tireless efforts to understand how the automotive logistic loop works and evolves, by listening to our customers and being involved in their success story.

Returnable Packaging Producers Serve All Automotive Tier Suppliers

We start by understanding the specific needs of each tier of suppliers in the automotive logistic loop. First of all, our aim is to know exactly how they work and where they deliver their products.

Tier 1 Suppliers

Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive logistic loop work exclusively in the automotive industry. They generally build strong and long term relationships with one or two OEM (original equipment manufacturer) companies. They produce some of the most critical parts of a car, such as engine parts, tires, brakes, and exhaust systems.

Tier 1 suppliers rely on returnable packaging solutions specifically designed for the automotive industry, such as VDA-KLT containers and Galia containers. On demand, our packaging specialists can develop customized packaging solutions, such as crates with atypical dimensions or heavy duty loading capacities.

Tier 2 Suppliers

Tier 2 suppliers are industry specialists in their specific field of activity. They supply various parts to the automotive industry, but also to other industries. For instance, computer chip manufacturers are tier 2 suppliers in the automotive logistic loop. Their products are not specifically designed for the automotive industries. However, they meet all the safety and quality criteria of this industry. Therefore they are preferred as suppliers over other companies within the internal automotive supply chain.

Given the specialization of the products they deliver, tier 2 suppliers have very specific requirements in terms of packaging materials. Logistic Packaging has a full range of ESD products for producers of electronic parts and components working for the automotive industry: ESD pallets, ESD stackable EURO containers, ESD VDA-KLT containers and ESD foldable containers, among others.

Tier 3 Suppliers

Tier 3 suppliers in the automotive logistic loop supply raw or nearly raw materials to tier 1, tier 2 and OEM companies. Metal, plastic and textiles are among the products sourced from tier 3 suppliers.

These suppliers have less strict requirements in terms of packaging materials. This means that they have more freedom to choose returnable packaging solutions that offer both space saving capacities and a long lifespan, such as: heavy duty closed deck plastic pallets, foldable large containers, stackable EURO containers, or rigid pallet containers.

Aftermarket Suppliers

An automobile is a significant investment for consumers. Thus, most car owners are trying to expand the lifespan of their vehicle by replacing and upgrading various parts. This led to the development of a large network of aftermarket suppliers. They sell parts and components produced by OEMs, tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers directly to consumers, instead of delivering them to automobile manufacturers.

These suppliers in the automotive logistic loop are mostly interested in packaging solutions that help them:

  • Optimize their logistic operation
  • Speed up their supply chain
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Optimize transportation costs.

We offer aftermarket suppliers a wide range of stackable, stack nest and foldable containers with standard EURO dimensions or atypical sizes, but priced as standard ranges.

Logistic Packaging has the right packaging solutions for the entire automotive logistic loop. We encourage you to browse our range of standard and customized packaging solutions and contact us by email or Skype video call to discuss your specific application!