our team creates customized packaging to fit your products

How We Create Customized Packaging for Your Company

Standard packaging solutions help companies reduce shipping costs, organize storage spaces more efficiently and predict quantity of merchandize going in and out their inventory with accuracy. But there are companies that need something different. Their products have specific packaging and storage requirements. Or these products have special shapes and sizes. In each of these situations, the specialists at Logistic Packaging will create customized packaging.

The basic idea is simple: if the products do not fit in standard packaging, we design and produce packages that fit the product. However, it takes a lot of know-how and experience to create a product that meets all the benefits and properties of professional returnable packaging and the client’s requirements.

Working with Logistic Packaging: How We Help Clients Create Customized Packaging

Our packaging specialists do not leave any aspect to chance. We know that packages are not always treated with the due care. Also, we know that accidents happen all the time during handling and transportation.

This is why we cover all the relevant aspects related to:

  • Special industry requirements regarding packaging
  • Special product related packaging requirements
  • The entire life cycle of the product from the moment it exits the production line to store shelf.

This is how we typically conduct a project where we have to create customized packaging:

1. We Learn about the Company Supply Chain from the Client

We need to know exactly what happens with the product from the moment it is completed. Usually, we also ask the client to offer us a video tour of the facilities, showing:

  • How the products are packaged
  • How they transport the products to the warehouse
  • Where they store the products
  • How they ship the products to customers.

In many cases, we can identify and fix problems that cause losses resulting from damaged products.

2. We Discuss Specific Standards Related to Packaging

Some industries have specific quality and safety standards. They are regulated by authorities and any failure to comply results in severe penalties. The most heavily regulated industries are the agriculture, food production and processing and the pharmaceutical industries.

We will take into account all these standards when we create customized packaging for your products.

3. We Pay Attention to Sensitive Products

Next, we start focusing on the product. Logistic Packaging specialists know that you need customized packaging for various reasons, including the need to offer them special protection during shipping.

For this reason, we want to know if:

  • The products need protection from electrostatic discharges
  • The products are sensitive to scratching
  • The products need protection from vibration and other mechanical shocks.

4. We Analyze the Opportunity of Using Standard Packaging Solutions as Starter Point

In some cases, the client’s problem is that their products are too large or too heavy for standard packaging materials. In this case, we can start with a standard package and modify it to suit the client’s needs.

Such situations involve:

  • Storage bins made of metal for small but heavy parts
  • Cut & weld boxes which make one larger containers out of two smaller ones
  • Non-EURO containers (the stackable  and stack-nest boxes range is available at standard prices in our catalog).

5. We Design Special Packaging Based on the Product Blueprint

In the most complex situation, where the packaging must fit the product perfectly, we will ask the client to provide us with a blueprint for the item. This blueprint is used to create cut-out foam, thermoformed or EPP packaging solutions.

6. We Submit the Design and Material Choice to the Client’s Approval

Before we start to create customized packaging, the client will receive the design and the type of material we selected as the most adequate. Once we get the approval, we can start producing the packaging in the agreed quantity.

7. The Client Can Request Special Customizations

We also ask our clients if they have special preference in terms of:

  • The color of the packaging
  • Adding special features or accessories (label holder, handles, lid)
  • Printing the company name and logo on the packaging
  • Printing any other special instructions on the packaging.

The Logistic Packaging team is up for any challenge when it comes to returnable plastic packaging solutions. Let us design and create customized packaging that solves all the specific needs of your products. Send us an email describing your packaging application!