EPP packaging and boxes

There are products which must not be exposed to any kind of moving, risk of scratching and toppling one over another when packed together. Such products are usually various tools and instruments packed in toolboxes or automotive/ electronics parts which need to be delivered safely to the assembly lines. There are various solutions to keep them tightly packed in a box or container, but the most efficient one is EPP packaging.

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What is EPP? Expanded polypropylene consists of closed cells which give it a semi-hard to flexible characteristic. It can be cut to the precise shape of the item to be packed in it. This means that once placed in the packaging, that product will not tumble out of its niche, will not be affected by dust, scratches or other damages during transportation, even in rough conditions.

The main advantages of EPP packaging are:

  • 25% lighter than plastic thermoformed packages, increasing the quantity of actual merchandize shipped
  • 100% recyclable
  • thermal insulation
  • improved stackability and optimizing container space use through flexible shapes of the packages

Logistic Packaging can help you with any transportation demand and exigency for your items and offers its know-how to help design your EPP packaging to your precise customized needs. Contact us with your project details for a fully personalized offer.

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