large containers

Global Markets Forecast: An Increased Demand for Large Containers

Among other packaging materials, large containers stand out as the heavyweight champions of international trade. These sturdy and voluminous packages make possible the safe transport of large quantities of goods over seas and highways. They are also a must have packaging solution for central warehouses which keep large stock of products, ready to be distributed across the supply chain network.

The Packaging Industry: A Sensitive Indicator of the State of Global Economy

For professional companies like Logistic Packaging, the state of our industry is a micro representation of the state of international economy and trade. If we look over the statistics for the demand of packaging materials, especially large containers, over the last 10 years, we note the abrupt changes in demand:

  • 5% annual growth in the period 2005-2010;
  • A sharp decline to 3.1% in demand in the period 2010-2015;
  • A projected growth to 4.4% in the period 2015-2018.

The fast growth in the first analyzed period corresponds with the financial bubble, just before the economic crisis. The decline represents the global economic crisis. And the future projections indicate a steady emergence out of the crisis, and the reorganizing of a mature global market, which has learned its lessons.

Large Containers Emerge as Winners of the Packaging World

There is no doubt, the packaging industry needs to be constantly innovating, and ready to embrace new technologies and keep up with its customers’ demands. These are global trends which any professional packaging company understands and strives to apply.

However, there are some products which have already reached their design peak – products like plastic pallets, standard EURO and ISO sized containers and large containers.

Certainly, there are many ways in which these products continue to be reinvented. Plastic pallets are available in many customized versions to accommodate the demands of various industries. And large containers have demonstrated their versatility as rigid versions for unparalleled resistance to heavy loads, or foldable models for companies which need to combine large storage space with the need to save warehouse space as much as possible.

Superior Quality and Environmental Awareness: Finding the Balance

A sustainable global economy is defined by the careful use and reuse of the available resources. We are at a critical point, where the increased demand for products needs to be balanced by a responsible approach to consumption and recycling.

For the packaging industry, the demand for sturdy but environmentally friendly containers, crates and pallets is not new. However, there is a definite difference between the features and benefits of products made of virgin materials, versus recycled materials.

The challenge right now for packaging companies is to design and manufacture large containers that blend the superior quality of virgin materials with the use of recycled materials.

Keeping Up with the Trends

For Logistic Packaging, the projected trends mean an increased effort in research and development in the attempt of incorporating as many features requested by customers into the basic large container models.

Currently, our standard offer includes the Ecopack range – foldable large containers made of 100% recyclable materials, foldable pallet boxes with standard EURO and ISO footprints, as well as sturdy rigid containers with a large storage capacity.

However, we are aware that soon enough we may need to add several ranges, made of innovative materials, or with special features and dimensions. They are currently available as individual customized projects, but increased demand will certainly make us consider adding them as standard products, just as we have done with non-EURO stackable small containers.

The Future of Packaging Demand – a Challenge We Are Eager to Face

New statistics and projected market demands will come in soon enough. They will help packaging companies, international shippers and distributors plan and resize their activity and they will guide us in the development of new products and reinvention of existing ones.

For now, we are ready to provide the most comprehensive range of large containers to our customers and to improve the existing models according to the latest technological advancements.