professional packaging producers help you create effective solutions for your products

Professional Packaging Producers Create Solutions, Not Just Products

Many logistics and purchasing managers still use the phrase “shopping for new packaging materials”. Some of them have the specifications of the current type of packages, such as containers or pallets. Others look for the best price for a set of characteristics. Professional packaging producers always look beyond this approach. They want to understand the clients’ packaging application in order to deliver the best solution.

Being a Top Producer Goes Beyond Selling Returnable Packaging Materials

At Logistic Packaging, we are not simple producers and sellers of stackable plastic containers and plastic pallets. First and foremost, we are problem solvers. Our approach is called consulting selling.

This means getting to know the client’s logistic processes and the challenges they are facing. We focus on the problems they encounters and the goals they want to achieve. This gives us the starting point for recommending the best type of packages.

We Talk with All Relevant Decision Makers

Choosing returnable packaging materials is a multidisciplinary approach. We know that a new type of package will change the entire process of packing, storing and shipping products.

As professional packaging producers, we want to have a clear point of view from persons in charge with:

  • Purchasing
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Client accounts
  • Supply chain.

This helps us have a complete idea of how you need your products packaged, stored and delivered.

We Use Our Know-How and Extensive Experience to Create Effective Solutions

Over the years, our packaging specialists had to find creative solutions for the most challenging problems, such as:

  • Strict standards of safety and hygiene
  • Exceptional protection for very sensitive and valuable products
  • Space saving capabilities to reduce return logistics costs
  • Packaging for products with challenging shapes, sizes or weight.

Combined with professional experience and using the latest best practices in the industry, we can find the right solution for your packaging application.

We Let You Test a Small Batch before Ordering a Large Number of Products

Professional packaging producers understand that your organization may not be ready to change packaging materials overnight. Key decision makers may not approve a large order of new packages without some proof of their effectiveness.

This is why we offer our clients the choice to start with a small batch of packages for testing purposes. You can select a specific type of product or location to implement the new packaging materials.

We will assist you by training the employees and sharing the best practices for handling and cleaning the packaging solutions. In this way, you can get valuable feedback both from your own workers and from end clients who receive the packaged products.

We Deliver Your Full Order and Assist with Post-Sale Implementation

Once you decide to order a large batch of rigid pallet boxes or stack-nest containers, we have the necessary production capabilities to deliver it on the agreed date. We will continue to assist you with the implementation of the packaging solution in the same way as we did for the pilot location.

With Logistic Packaging as trusted packaging producer by your side, your organization can optimize costs and reach its supply chain goals through effective packaging solutions and advice. Send us an email to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced consultants!