we work with you to design and build protective custom packaging

How We Create Protective Custom Packaging for Our Clients

Our standard catalog of returnable plastic packaging solutions is comprehensive. But there is always a special situation when none of these solutions make a perfect fit. This is where the Logistic Packaging experts step in to help clients design and create protective custom packaging solutions.

The Main Challenges We Can Solve with Custom Packaging

At the present, all companies face several challenges when it comes to packing and shipping their products. These are:

  • Protecting the products from a wide range of risks, including contamination, mechanical shocks, electrostatic discharge and crushing
  • Packing more products per container in order to reduce shipping costs
  • Using robust packaging materials with a long lifespan and a low total cost of ownership
  • Fitting atypically sized and shaped products into crates and containers.

In most of the cases, the last challenge is the most complex. It is the case of:

  • Large retail products (white goods)
  • Electronics and automotive parts
  • Fabricated metallic parts used in manufacturing and industrial production.

We Use Advanced Materials to Create Protective Custom Packaging

When it comes to protecting your sensitive products, our R&D team does not cut any corners. We use industry standard materials to create your packaging solutions, including:

  • Dunnage: Tyvek, Evolon, Spunbond and PVC
  • Foam
  • EPP
  • Standard and ESD thermoformed plastic.

The protective custom packaging created from these materials offer the best protection to painted products, glassware, electronic parts and components, tools and precision devices.

How We Help Your Company Develop Protective Custom Packaging

In order to create exactly what you need, our team works closely with your representatives to design and build your packages.

Here are the steps we take in this process:

1. Establishing the Goals and Required Improvements

First of all, our consultants will determine what problem you need to solve or how to improve your packaging and shipping process. This is a crucial first step, because it allows our team to start looking for the right design and materials to use in your packaging materials.

2. Generating the 3D Files

After getting all the details, we will wait for the 3D design files to use in building a prototype. The supported file formats we work with are STP and DXF.

3. Creating 3D Simulations

Using the files, we will create simulations of the protective custom packaging, including showing how the products will be placed inside them. We will send you these simulations and make necessary changes to the design according to your feedback.

4. Sending Material Samples

Once your company representatives approved the design, we will recommend various types of materials. Once you make a decision, we will build a small scale sample of the protective custom packaging solution.

5. Moving to the Production Phase

After getting your final approval, our team will start producing the protective custom packaging in the agreed quantity. We will also assist you during the implementation phase, making sure that your employees know how to handle them.

Let Our Specialists Help You Create Packaging that Fits Your Products

We are always ready to help companies optimize their packaging solutions in order to reduce shipping costs and product damage in transit. Whenever our standard packages are not the right option, we will help you design and build protective custom packaging according to your specifications.

The Logistic Packaging team has the capacity to design and produce any kind of returnable plastic packaging, as well as protective packaging solutions. Send us an email to schedule a meeting with us and start designing your unique packaging solutions!