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How To Save Money by Using Adequate Packaging Solutions

Choosing the right packaging solutions for storing and shipping your products is not only a good idea – it a necessity in terms of staying competitive in your line of business. Professional packaging materials are now available in a large variety, adapted for various types of goods, designed and manufactured according to the highest standards of quality. But that is not the only improvement brought by decades of research and development efforts of the packaging industry.

Smart packaging solutions help companies save storage and shipping costs through optimal use of the available space and optimization of the way they are kept when not in use. Today we want to show you 4 ways in which your company can save money by using the right packaging solutions:

1. Just In Time Production System

Modern manufacturing, storing and shipping principles involve a high level of automation and a consistent reduction of the quantity of waste produced by companies. Packages used to represent a large percentage of wastes – but the “Just in time” production system helps eliminate it by introducing adequate, reusable and solid packaging solutions. These packages are a one-stop-shop solution for use in the entire logistic cycle of production from the assembly line to delivery to stores.

Thus, there is less handling involved, intermediary packaging is eliminated and the entire logistic process is simpler, smoother and more cost effective for your company. These simple and innovative packaging solutions are storage bins with Kanban label holder, stackable Euro containers, foldable small containers and the specialized VDA and Galia containers for the automotive industry.

2. The Simplest Packaging Solutions: Plastic Pallets and Lids

There are various ways of preparing your products for shipping. You can wrap them in shrinking film, place them in heavy and expensive metallic containers, or you can choose the most cost efficient way: putting your products in small or large plastic boxes, stacking them on a pallet, placing a lid on top and securing the stack with straps.

The plastic pallets with lids are the least expensive and most efficient way of packing goods, because you can create space saving and stable stacks which take up less space in the trucks. Plus, the empty packages take up little space on the return journey compared to other packaging solutions.

3. Foldable Boxes: Easy to Use and Space Saving

Foldable and collapsible boxes are extremely useful in any industry: automotive, food, pharma, distribution and manufacturing. They are available in various sizes and with different loading capacities. Many of these packaging solutions have a special design to facilitate handling by automated machines or to be used on conveyor belts in automated manufacturing facilities.

4. The Hog Box for Multiple Products

Distribution and warehousing companies have seen a major improvement in their logistic flow and shipping costs after they replaced their old packaging materials with the Hog Box. Capable of holding various types of merchandise, properly separated through a versatile compartment system, the Hog Box is the ideal choice if you have various types of goods to ship, none of which can fill a container by themselves.

The Hog Box is one of the most innovative packaging products, being the largest conical shaped container which can be handled with a forklift. Thus, it is not only a large capacity and versatile container given the various divider configurations, but it is also easy to load and unload from trucks, place in the warehouse and place in stack. The special lid with grooves is designed both to ensure stability to the stacked Hog Boxes, but also for securing the container with straps.

These are just a few of the many ways in which your company can save money by using packaging materials adapted to their needs. We will continue to educate our clients and readers with further articles, so remember to bookmark our blog and follow us on the social media for the best advice on professional packaging solutions.