Pallet covers and lids

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Pallet covers and lids are a simple but necessary accessory to add to your products placed on pallets. With the help of a simple plastic lid for pallet units, your goods are safe and secure, protected from dust and from weather conditions. This means that your products will arrive intact at the destination, even after a long and difficult journey.

Pallet Lids Help You Ship Your Products Safely

On the other had, pallet securing lids feature grooves for straps and stacking rims. This helps you secure a pallet unit with sturdy straps and place the units in a stable stack, reducing the amount of space in the warehouse or in the trailer. At the same time, the palletized products will not topple and fall during the journey, even on rough and uneven roads.

Pallet covers and lids are a very useful addition to your standard packaging materials. With a solid build, they are adequate for long term use and help you optimize your logistic costs by reducing the amount of damaged products in transit and the expenses for transport in trailer.

Pallet Covers: A Simple Accessory with Many Applications

Plastic covers and lids are useful in all the industries that need to ship finished products or semi-finished goods between production facilities. Thus, the lids for plastic pallets in our offer are designed to fit standard EURO pallet units and VDA KLT containers.

Please browse our selection of pallet covers and lids and select the model that best fits your needs!