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This category of reinforced KLT boxes is the ideal choice for the safe storage and transport of sensitive automotive parts. Its sturdy build ensures that the products will not suffer damages during transit, even in rough conditions of transport.

Except for the smallest base C-KLT box (300×200 mm), all the blue KLT containers have a ribbed base, allowing stacking in various positions and facilitating the integration of these totes in automated production lines with conveyor belts.

The reinforced C-KLT containers feature integrated label holder on one short side and one long side, double walls for uncompromising safety and various additional struts which increase the stability of the boxes either in stack or on the conveyor belt. This design is specifically created for the automotive industry, where the continuous manufacturing flow allows no breaks during the operations to replace a fallen box or restack several containers.

C-KLT is the solution for heavy loads, ensuring stability, safety and easy handling during transport and storage for your automotive manufacturing operations.