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Logistic Packaging Opens Textile Dunnage Factory in Arad

Logistic Packaging is proud to announce the opening of our new, top of the line, textile dunnage factory in Arad. This is a strategic investment we made in our efforts to better serve our customers and expand our range of products. The location of our factory, close to the western border of Romania, was selected taking into account the geographical position of our most active clients. This city is a reliable transport hub, connected by rail, motorways and airlines to the rest of Romania and to Europe.

Textile Dunnage – One of the Most in Demand Customized Packaging Materials

Textile dunnage or textile dividers are used for a wide range of packaging applications involving sensitive products. From Tyvek and Spunbound, to Evolon and ESD textile packaging, Logistic Packaging can supply any demand and create fully customized dividers for our clients.

Our experience in various industries, especially automotive, textiles, manufacturing and distribution showed us that our clients face increasing challenges in order fulfillment. Products must be shipped across oceans and continents as fast as possible. During this journey, they pass through various check points, loading and unloading areas. The containers are not always handled with care. Road conditions are not always ideal.

Yet, the products must arrive intact at their destination and it is our responsibility to make it happen for our customers. Textile dunnage is placed inside containers with a double purpose:

  • To maximize the container space and pack as many products as possible;
  • To protect these products against dust, shocks, scratching, mildew and other contaminants.

Our Experts Analyze Each Application Individually to Offer the Best Solution

Most of our clients do not have the technical expertise to pick the packaging solution they need. This is why the team of experts at Logistic Packaging is available. They can recommend the ideal container type and size, as well as the most adequate type of textile dividers to suit the product.

Our new factory has the production capacity to fulfill any kind of order: custom designed shapes, sizes, materials and textures. Each packaging project will be completed faster under the quality warranty we offer for all the packaging materials we produce. We have implemented the latest technologies and quality control standards in our textile dunnage factory. These are apparent in the packaging solutions we deliver to our clients.

Types of Textile Dunnage We Will Produce in the New Factory

The factory in Arad is equipped with production lines capable of producing the following types of textile packaging:

1. Tyvek

Tyvek is a woven material with a smooth and non-abrasive surface. It is ideal for sensitive products that must be protected from scratching, such as glass and painted items. Tyvek is also non-linting, non-dusting and mildew-proof. The material is also water resistant and does not react with most organic and inorganic chemicals.

The most frequent applications for Tyvek are in the automotive industry, as dividers for various parts, such as painted car doors and windshields.

2. Spunbond

Spunbond is a non-woven polypropylene fabric which is highly resistant to tearing, abrasion and fire. It is also a breathable material. Spunbond dividers are also frequently used in the automotive industry, where there is a high risk of fire due to the presence of fuels or motor oil in or near packaging materials.

3. Evolon

This type of textile dunnage is a microfilament fabric, ideal for packing sensitive products. Its surface is extremely soft and smooth and thus prevents the occurrence of even micro-abrasions. Despite its delicate aspect, Evolon is an extremely strong fabric, that does not tear or fray under normal conditions of use.

We recommend Evolon as divider material for all types of sensitive products, including valuables.

4. TNT

TNT fabric is a now-woven material made from synthetic fibers bound by mechanical or heating processes. It has a wide range of applications as dividers for a wide range of products.

5. ESD Textile Packaging

ESD textile packaging is used for the safe packaging of electronic products and components. This fabric does not cause electrostatic discharges during the friction with an electronic device.

ESD textile dunnage is an essential packaging accessory for the automotive and electronics industries. Every electronic device in the world, from car computers to smartphones, needs this type of special protection during storage and transport.

We are looking forward to helping our clients with any packaging projects involving textile dunnage. Our new production facility in Arad is ready to meet your highest quality demands!