rigid pallet boxes

The Versatile Heavy Weight Champions: Rigid Pallet Containers!

Are you looking for a packaging solution to ship bulk merchandize to clients? Do you need an efficient storage solution for the product you keep in your warehouse? Is your courier company looking for returnable packaging to speed up the distribution process? These questions have one single answer: rigid pallet containers.

One Returnable Packaging Solution, Multiple Use Cases

Rigid pallet containers are the most reliable packaging solution for heavy and voluminous products. They can withstand static loads of over 500 kg and stack loads of up to 4,800 kg. Professional packaging producers like Logistic Packaging are constantly improving the design and the materials used for these industrial boxes, to make them:

  • Sturdier
  • More reliable
  • Capable of withstanding intense use
  • 100% recyclable.

From the point of view of design, rigid pallet containers are available in three basic versions:

  • With feet
  • With skids
  • With castor wheels.

Thus, they make an excellent choice for various use cases, from the internal logistic loop of distribution companies to warehouse organization.

Discover the Key Benefits of Using Rigid Pallet Containers

We compiled this list of benefits based on discussions with clients who chose rigid pallet containers as replacements of older packaging solutions. The most significant improvements they noted include:

1. Better Handling and Faster Unloading

Rigid pallet containers are adequate for use with a forklift, pallet truck or the discharging system for pallet boxes. Each client can choose the right model (with feet, skids or castor wheel) depending on the way they are most likely to use the industrial boxes:

  • For shipping bulk materials
  • For moving materials within a warehouse
  • For storage in a racking system.

The rigid pallet containers are safe to handle by most types of logistic equipment and can withstand repeated cycles of use.

2. Better Warehouse Management and Organization

The fact that rigid pallet containers have a standard footprint allows warehouse managers to optimize the planning of storage space. They can use warehouse management software to create the most adequate configuration for racking systems, as well as for designated areas for loading/unloading and order picking.

The results of this optimization are increased efficiency in using the available space and an increase of annual margins, by growing the capacity of handling and delivering merchandize.

3. Reduced Operational Loss

Many companies register operational loss in the form of damaged merchandize in transit. Older and unreliable packaging materials get damaged, especially during rough journeys or while sitting in high stacks in a warehouse, causing the products inside to get crushed, spill or become contaminated by dirt or dust.

By contrast, rigid pallet containers are tested and proven to withstand high static and stack loads. We build them to offer uncompromising protection to all types of merchandize stored in them, including bulk goods.

4. Superior Hygiene

Rigid pallet containers are designed either with smooth or perforated walls. We made this choice to improve hygiene, in two ways:

  • Perforated walls allow spilled liquids to drain fast from the container
  • Smooth walls are easier to wash and sanitize.

In this way, rigid pallet containers ensure the fact that your supply chain meets the highest standards of hygiene imposed in your industry and niche.

5. Increased Brand Equity

Businesses that use professional and reliable packaging materials to ship orders are perceived as reliable and trustworthy long term suppliers by their clients. Thus, by choosing rigid pallet containers over one-way packaging materials, your brand will be perceived as more reputable and professional.

Logistic Packaging experts are always ready to help you find the best returnable packaging materials for your products. Send us an email or schedule a Skype video call to discuss your specific application with us!