textile dunnage dividers and pockets are used in the automotive industry

The Main Benefits of Using Textile Dunnage Dividers and Pockets

Some products require more protection during transit than others. We are talking of items made of glass, painted car parts and valuables. It is not enough to place them in sturdy returnable plastic containers. They need the extra protection of textile dunnage dividers and pockets.

The Slightest Scratch Can Make a Product Unusable

As logistics or product manager, you know that the journey of parts and components from your supplier to the assembly facility is never free from incidents. Poorly maintained road, driver inattention or fatigue, accidents caused by other cars can cause serious commotion inside the trailer.

This commotion is disastrous for products that are sensitive to breaking, scratching or crushing. For this reason, companies equip their shipping containers with textile dunnage dividers and pockets.

A Few Applications of Textile Dunnage Dividers and Pockets

We have already hinted at a few use cases for internal dividers made of dunnage. At this point, we will go in some detail in order to prove the importance of this packaging solution.

Among the most frequent packaging applications involving textile dunnage, we mention:

  • The automotive industry – 1st and 2nd tier suppliers use them to ship windshields, painted doors, steering wheels and dashboards
  • The retail industry – glassware items, both large and small, are usually placed inside textile dunnage pockets and pouches
  • The moving industry – valuables, artworks and antique furniture is protected from damage during moving using textile dunnage dividers and pockets
  • The fashion industry – clothes and footwear need special protection during transit and textile dunnage is the perfect solution.

Key Benefits of Textile Dunnage Dividers and Pockets

Why did textile dunnage become the gold standard in terms of protecting sensitive and delicate goods? Here are the most important reasons why companies all over the world operating in different industries, trust them:

1. Using Textile Dunnage Dividers and Pockets Reduces Product Damage

Most of the sensitive products we described above are also very valuable. Thus, even an average percentage of product waste through damage in transit translates into large financial losses.

Placing each item individually between textile dividers ensures optimal protection and leads to a significant decrease in the percentage of broken products.

2. Dunnage Is Adaptable and Easy to Convert

Textile dunnage can be adapted to fit various applications. Using processes such as die-cutting, gluing and welding, their shape and dimensions can be adapted to fit new products or new use cases.

Thus, instead of purchasing new dividers, all you have to do is adjust the existing textile dunnage dividers and pockets. Thus, your company will achieve full ROI and save money on future packaging purchases.

3. Textile Dunnage and Pockets Help Increase the Product Density inside the Containers

Dividers allow your warehouse employees to place more products inside a container without compromising their safety. Compared to other safety accessories (air cushions, expandable foam or air bubble foils) dunnage dividers take up very little space and offer improved protection to sensitive products.

4. Textile Dunnage Can Be Customized in Many Ways

Textile dunnage dividers and pockets can be made according to your precise specifications in terms of:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Thickness
  • Color
  • Printing (company name, logo, handling precautions, etc.).

Thus, they are not just an excellent choice for shipping your products safely, but also help you increase brand awareness through packaging.

5. Textile Dunnage Is Extremely Durable and Recyclable

The average lifespan of textile dunage is at least 10 years. And when you need to replace these dividers, they are 100% recyclable. Thus, you will achieve full ROI and you will not have to deal with the cost of disposing waste.

Logistic Packaging has a textile dunnage production facility in the heart of Central Europe, close to the main EU capitals. We can help you create textile dunnage dividers and pockets according to the most precise specifications, so that you can ship your delicate products safely. Send us an email to start discussing your packaging project with one of our experts!