Taking a Look at Packaging Solutions of the Future

Packaging and shipping products is one of the most important ancillary activities in all the industries worldwide. As the world population grows, so does the need for more products – from basic ones, such as food and clothing, to entertainment and luxury objects. Thus, more packages are needed and companies have to handle higher volume of packages and more complex logistics and supply chain operations.

The Problem: Handling an Increasing Number of Waste Packages

One of the visible outcomes of more packaged and shipped products is an ever growing quantity of used packages. And we don’t mean only individual plastic and cardboard boxes for each item (which still represent a significant percentage of domestic wastes). Large packaging crates, wooden pallets, metallic boxes and containers, plus many other similar items are being discarded by companies on a daily basis.

This poses two problems: a cost efficiency one and an environmental one. For the first one, investing in one-way or short term use packaging materials is a continuous drain on companies’ budgets. They never manage to achieve a complete amortization of their investment and thus their profit margin is continually limited.

The second problem relates to the waste management of one-way packages. It becomes more and more difficult to process these materials and eliminate them in an environmentally safe way. The process of collecting and eliminating these wastes is also an extra cost which companies must provide for in their budget.

The Solution: Reusable Packaging and Lean Manufacturing Logistic Solutions

The shift towards a new mentality started with packaging companies which envisioned a new way of shipping goods: on pallets and inside containers which are sturdy built and strong enough to be used over and over again by companies.

From the first batch of plastic pallets to the full range of reusable packaging materials, some of them manufactured of recycled materials, the process of adopting new packaging and logistics solutions was swift and spread all over the world. Companies realized that they could save more time and money if they invested in long term packaging solutions and in logistic equipment which reduces the time and number of people needed to organize warehouses and prepare orders for shipping.

When we joined the professional packaging and logistics industry, we at Logistic Packaging decided to be the ones ahead of the trends – seeking new, efficient and environmentally friendly materials and packaging solutions. From the full range of reusable plastic pallets (closed deck, open deck, hygienic/ cleanroom, display half-pallets), to foldable and space saving Ecopacks, and to the ingenious dolly transfer pallet equipment, we are focused on providing our customers with the latest technologies and most reliable packaging materials.

The Future of Packaging Solutions: Fully Integrated Supply Chain Processes

So, how do we see the future at Logistic Packaging?

First of all, we see our clients, companies working in various industries, saving more money, becoming more efficient in their packaging and shipping activities and generating less and less wastes.

We see automation and integration of logistic processes as the key elements of progress, productivity and overall business growth. Reusable, ecologic packaging materials, customized packaging solutions, perfectly adapted to the clients’ needs and their integration in automated manufacturing, packaging and storing systems are the packaging solutions of the future – a future which is greener, leaner, and better adapted to a world of increased demands and expectations.