standard returnable automotive packaging allows the industry to operate at global level

Standard Returnable Automotive Packaging – Bridging Logistic Gaps across the World

The automotive industry probably has one of the most complex internal logistic loops. European, American, Japanese and Korean brands rely on thousands of suppliers, located on all continents. Thus, every part in a car can be traced to places on all the continents. This complex supply chain can only work because the industry has developed various ranges of standard returnable automotive packaging.

VDA-KLT and EURO Containers – Key Players in the Most Active Industry

As packaging producers, the specialists at Logistic Packaging know that all 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier automotive suppliers need to meet the packaging requirements set by their clients – leading car brands.

The most in-demand standard returnable automotive packaging materials are VDA-KLT containers and EURO containers. These packaging materials meet several critical demands of the automotive industry:

  • Sturdy build to protect finely engineered parts and components
  • High loading capacity, suitable for heavy car parts
  • Design adapted for handling by robotic arms and on conveyor belts
  • Some packaging ranges are available in ESD materials for sensitive electronics parts.

Let’s take an in-depth look at what made these plastic packaging solutions the preferred options for the largest car brands in the world.

1. The German Automotive Industry Created the Standardized VDA-KLT Containers

Known for order, precision, advanced technology and reliability, the German automotive industry came up with an innovative concept: standardized packaging materials, with various codes assigned to each model.

This means that car parts suppliers can order these standard returnable automotive packaging materials from any packaging producer by giving the code number. And every time, they get the same product: made of the same materials, and with the same features, dimensions and benefits.

2. Stackable EURO Containers Created the Concept of Standard Footprint

One of the most important aspects for any business is the ability to plan ahead and estimate various elements correctly, such as:

  • The need to order stocks
  • The quantity of products per trailer
  • The cost of shipping products.

The simplest way of solving this issue is by using standard footprint stackable containers. EURO containers make the entire process of planning shipments simple and effective. Using these standard returnable automotive packaging materials helps businesses:

  • Maximize the use of vertical space in warehouses and trailer
  • Calculate the total quantity of products per full container accurately
  • Improve handling and speed up loading/unloading and customs inspections
  • Increase the density of products per container by choosing various footprints and container heights.

3. VDA-KLT and EURO Containers Are Compatible with Automated Systems

Most of the production and assembly facilities in the automotive industry are fully automated. Some of these facilities even operate without a single employee present on location.

All standard reusable automotive packaging solutions are designed and built for handling by these automated systems. Some key features of VDA-KLT and EURO containers for this specific purpose are:

  • Smooth bottom for free and quiet movement on conveyor belts
  • Struts for secure handling by robotic arms
  • Integrated label holders to facilitate quick reading of barcodes and RFID tags.

4. Built both for Humans and Robots

VDA-KLT containers and EURO containers are not designed just for robots. We know that employees still need to handle them on various occasions. Thus, all the containers feature ergonomic handles, offering a good grip and easy handling.

Also, despite their sturdy build and high loading capacity, these standard returnable automotive packaging solutions have a low own weight. This makes them easy to lift and move by warehouse employees.

5. One Packaging Solution – Many Versions and Customization Options

In the automotive industry we find the largest variety of packaging needs. From very large and heavy parts to delicate and sensitive components, the elements that make up a car come in all shapes and sizes.

And the packaging materials are also adapted to these very different needs. For example, VDA-KLT containers come in four specific ranges:

  • VDA-C-KLT – reinforced containers offering optimal protection to sensitive parts and components
  • VDA-R-KLT – lighter and with a simpler design to optimize the quantity of products per trailer
  • VDA-RL-KLT – the lightest version of VDA-KLT containers
  • VDA-F-KLT – the foldable version of these automotive containers.

Likewise, EURO containers can be customized with various special features, from different colors to hot stamping or printing your company name on the containers.

At Logistic Packaging, you will find a complete range of standard returnable automotive packaging, approved by the most important car producers. Send us an email to discuss your packaging project with our experts!