The Secret of Success for Logistic Packaging: Putting People at the Heart of the Business

In today’s super-competitive world, being successful and professional depends on one core asset: the people. Great companies invest in talented and enthusiastic employees, who are willing to use their experience, education, personal skills and abilities and help develop a strong brand and a competitive company.

If we are to rank industries by the level of competition for market share, logistics is among the most competitive industries. There are top players – the ones who have built their reputation and success from the early days of the industry and now operate at worldwide level. There are medium sized and small enterprises, too, and each of them serves its local area and tries to expand beyond its point of origin. Some of these companies will fail – this is the harsh rule of survival in an open, free market. But many others succeed, and today we will discuss such a success story.

Logistic Packaging – An Ambitious Project Dreamed by A Young Specialist

Many great companies started from an idea, a dream envisioned by a young and ambitious entrepreneur, who was not satisfied with the status quo in a certain industry and wanted to create something better, more efficient and bringing more benefits. This is how the company Logistic Packaging was created.

A young and skilled packaging and logistics specialist, having acquired his training in large packaging companies decided to implement his own vision about doing business. Logistic Packaging started out with a small and ambitious team, willing to work hard in order to succeed. And they did, just a few years after the incorporation of the company.

The First Step Towards Success: Motivate the Employees

Working for Logistic Packaging is a continuous learning curve in a friendly environment, where everyone has a voice and can share their ideas and opinions. The head of marketing and customer relations states that:

“Working with a cooperating manager, who is willing to share his know-how and experience, is what gave me confidence to deal with customers in an industry I had little knowledge of at the beginning.”

The specific of the industry shapes the people working for Logistic Packaging. It is a highly professional industry, where negotiations are carried at a top business level, with all sorts of customers, both those who know exactly what they need, and those who need guidance and assistance.

“Transactions Take Place Between Real People, Not Abstract Companies”

This is one of the favorite mottos of the manager of Logistic Packaging, and it has become a mission statement for all the employees.

“We try to be of assistance to everyone contacting us, even if we cannot actually help them with an order of products, but to indicate to them where to search for what they need. We treat all customers in the same way, no matter how much money they spend on orders from us. In certain cases, companies starting with a small order become some of our best and most loyal customers”, adds the marketing and customer relations manager.

The general manager confirms her statements, adding: “we always go beyond the basic business of selling products. The customer has a packaging problem, and we solve it, whatever it takes – customizing a standard product, designing a special product, fitting the customer’s needs.”

Education and Assistance: The Key Values for Logistic Packaging

Education may sound like a pretentious word, but this is exactly what a professional company does – both with its employees and customers. At Logistic Packaging, every new staff member is exposed to the professionalism, patient and careful training which form the backbone of the company’s philosophy in recruiting and keeping employees loyal.

As for the customers – “we don’t aim to sell the most expensive products, but the products which solve the customers’ problems. Our aim is to build long term relationships with our customers and they know that they will always receive from us the product they ordered, delivered on time and without any logistic problems during shipment and delivery.”