apples loaded in rigid pallet containers

Rigid Pallet Containers Optimize Fruit Harvesting for Major Agribusiness

Rigid pallet containers are among the sturdiest returnable plastic packages, ideal for storing and transporting large quantities of products. In this case study, we will demonstrate the many benefits they have in one of the key industries: agriculture.

The Perils of Gathering a Rich Harvest

Our client, a major player in the agribusiness field, owns large fruit orchards: apples, pears, apricots and peaches. These are the most in demand types of fruit and the company sells them to supermarket chains or to processing plants where they are turned into natural fruit juice.

Despite the rich soil and the plentiful harvest, the customer continued to note losses after each gathering operation. When the loaded trailers arrived at their central warehouses, a quantity of fruit would be discarded or sold at heavily discounted prices because they would be marked, dented or even crushed.

Identifying the Problem at Its Root

The Logistic Packaging team was faced with the task of helping the client reduce these losses and maximize their profit from each harvest. In analyzing the internal logistic loop of the company, our packaging specialists identified the issue: the crates used for transporting fresh fruit from the orchard to the warehouse.

The agribusiness company continued to rely on traditional wooden crates. The problem is that they are notoriously unreliable and unhygienic and we pointed out this issue to the client. They agreed that they had a rapid replacement cycle for their packages, because the crates would crack, splinter and become stained with fruit juice.

We Define a Solution for the Client

Without wasting time, our logistic consultants understood what the client needed: solid and reliable packaging materials that would hold large quantities of fruit and transport them safely to the central warehouse.

In a short time we presented our solution: rigid pallet containers.

Rigid Pallet Containers: Built for Strength and Designed for Protection

These industrial boxes are among our top recommendations for use in agriculture. They have large volumes and can withstand heavy duty loads. Therefore, they are ideal packages to send to orchards and crop fields for harvesting.

At the same time, rigid pallet containers are designed to offer protection to fresh fruit and vegetables stored inside them. They feature:

  • Strong walls that resist to mechanical impacts
  • Smooth inner surfaces to protect produce from denting
  • Feet that allow safe and stable stacking and handling by forklift
  • Optionally, they can be provided with perforated walls to allow ventilation.

Sharing Our Findings with the Client

Once we prepared our proposal, we explained its key points to the client. We focused on the way fruit are transported and handled in their warehouse. Rigid pallet containers have a standard footprint, thus allowing making the best use of the trailer space. By contrast to wooden crates, industrial boxes can be stacked without crushing the fruit inside them.

Also, rigid pallet containers can be easily used with a pallet boxes tipper, simplifying the warehouse employees’ work and streamlining the process of collecting and sorting the harvest. At the same time, the industrial boxes are ideal for storing large orders for the juice factory. These containers are made of polypropylene, which does not allow the development of fungi and mold that may compromise the contents.

Finally, we pointed out that rigid pallet containers have a lifespan of around 10 years, and have a very low rate of breaking and damaging. This feature significantly exceeded the characteristics of the packages currently in use.

Implementing the Solution

The client has accepted our proposal and ordered an initial batch of rigid pallet containers for the first coming harvest. They started recycling their old wooden crates and replacing other packages (corrugated boxes) in the warehouse with industrial boxes.

At the present, the company is using the new packages for delivering fruit from their silos, and reports a significant decrease in the percentage of damaged and dented fruit. Our logistic consultants are still assisting the client in the post-sale phase, and preparing to analyze data reported after the first major harvesting operations.

At Logistic Packaging, we believe that there is always room for improvement in your logistic flow. Schedule a Skype video call or send us an email to discuss your specific needs!