reusable plastic containers

Reusable Plastic Containers – the Allies You Can Rely On to Keep Your Backroom Well Organized

For your customers, the backroom is the magic place from where the products they need emerge. For your employees, it is a complex labyrinth fraught with obstacles. There is the pile of empty cardboard boxes, ready to topple over. There is a mislabeled box that contains white wine, not red wine. There is the batch of items at the back of a shelf, in darkness and close to the expiration date.

Your Backroom Is Your Biggest Liability

Do you recognize your store backroom in the description above? One thing the consultants at Logistic Packaging know is that such a state of things is a major liability for your store. You risk losing money through:

  • Products forgotten on shelf beyond their expiration date;
  • Inability to restock shelves fast enough to satisfy your customers;
  • Damaged products due to inadequate packaging materials;
  • A large quantity of package wastes that you have to deal with;
  • Valuable storage space taken up by single-use packaging materials.

There is one simple and efficient solution for all the problems mentioned above: reusable plastic containers.

How Do Reusable Plastic Containers Help You Maintain Order in the Backroom?

Packaging is essential for the safe transport and storage of any kind of products. As members of the professional packaging industry, at Logistic Packaging we know the importance of keeping the backroom of a store tidy. Your employees must be able to restock any section in your store or bring just a few specific products when the customers demand them.

Also, as a store manager, you are responsible for keeping track of special stocks, such as for perishable goods and for fast moving items. Proper control and real time monitoring are the only ways to make sure that you can offer your customers fresh and safe products all the time.

Here is how we can help you achieve this with our ranges of reusable plastic containers:

1. Special Plastic Crates Keep Fruit and Vegetable Fresh

The latest food trends make fresh fruit and vegetables one of the most sought after products. People want to eat healthy and rely on your store to provide them with everything they need from salad to tomatoes, from avocado to oranges.

Special reusable plastic containers keep these sensitive products fresh and whole because they have a special design with smooth inner walls and ventilated sides and bottom. These crates can be used for the entire journey from the farm to your backroom and on your store shelves, as well. They are reliable and made of materials approved for food contact.

2. Stackable Containers Free Up Valuable Space

One-way cardboard boxes and wooden crates are rarely made of standard sizes. Thus, even if your employees try to put some order in them and stack them, they won’t be able to create a compact and steady stack.

By comparison, some ranges of plastic containers, such as stackable and stack-nest containers have standard footprints. This means that they can be neatly stacked both on a pallet and on the shelves in your backroom. In this manner, you will free up valuable space and increase your orders for fast selling products.

3. Adequate Labeling Allows Your Employees to Find Products Fast

Reusable plastic containers have special smooth areas for label holders. The range of label holders produced by Logistic Packaging is adequate for every type of use: from long term use in warehouses to temporary labeling of products in transit and stored in your backroom.

These label holders are resistant to detergents commonly used to clean and sanitize plastic containers and built-in shelf systems. Once a label is peeled off the surface of the label holder remains clean and ready to affix a new label.

4. A Neat Backroom Is a Clean Backroom

Cleanliness is the basic prerequisite of any store backroom. However, your cleaning crew has a hard job navigating through all the products waiting to be stored on shelves and the empty cardboard boxes. Naturally, they will be unable to properly clean every surface and corner in the backroom. And it takes just one overlooked spot to create a safety and health hazard.

Reusable plastic containers are easy to organize and store in a way that allow a cleaning crew to perform their duties with maximum efficiency. And the packages themselves are also easy to clean and sanitize using standard industrial cleaning equipment.

5. Cost Savings over Time

All those single-use packages cost you money. A lot of money. Apart from the price you pay for them over and over again, you also have to pay a waste disposal company to collect them, as well.

Reusable plastic containers are a one-time investment that will reach full ROI if they are properly used. They are made to last a long time, under intense usage conditions. Once they reach their useful life, these containers are recyclable.

Logistic Packaging believes in neat and efficient store backrooms. We can help you improve your stocking operations with professional reusable plastic containers adapted for your products. Send us an email or schedule a live Skype chat with our consultants!