we incorporate customer feedback in the design of returnable plastic packaging

Returnable Plastic Packaging R&D – Using Customer Feedback for Innovation

Developing new returnable plastic packaging models is a complex process that relies on all key factors: sustainable raw materials, talent and dedication to improve on existing designs and customer feedback. Today, we want to focus on the valuable role of communication with clients to shape the packaging materials of the future.

Your Challenges Are Our Sources of Inspiration

Before we start designing a custom packaging material or redesigning a standard product, we start with the following question: what kind of problem should this product solve? This is when feedback from our clients becomes invaluable.

As professional packaging producers, the first rule for Logistic Packaging consultants is to listen to clients and understand their challenges, such as:

  • The need to meet specific safety and hygiene standards
  • The necessity to optimize storage space and return logistics costs
  • The need to reduce product damage in transit
  • The requirement to integrate packaging into robotized production systems.

From the initial meeting to the post-implementation period and the ongoing collaboration with clients, we never stop listening. Also, we allow clients to take initiative and share their ideas with us.

How We Build New Products through Constant Customer-Led R&D Efforts

Returnable plastic packaging is now extremely diversified and specialized. Our standard ranges include, among others:

The packaging industry developed these products over the years and by applying the following principles – which we also embrace in relationship with our clients:

Timing Is Essential in Production Planning and Development

When is the right moment to implement a change in packaging design? When should we ask the client for their input? These are essential questions during any packaging project. We know that clients have an idea about the problem they want to solve.

But we also know that we must come up with a few returnable plastic packaging recommendations before we ask for feedback. We also know that this feedback is needed while the product is still in the prototyping phase and changes can be made without significant production costs.

The Customer Is an Equal Partner in a Packaging Project

Our team keeps the customer involved in the entire process of designing custom returnable packaging materials. We also rely on ideas we get from clients in improving standard ranges.

But we never rely only on feedback. We know that the client is looking for solutions, not just a production facility to put their plans to work. Equal partnership involves as much input from us as we receive from the client.

The Prototype Must Be As Close as Possible to Customer Expectation

By the moment we build a prototype of the product, we strive to incorporate all the shared feedback and our own insights into the customer’s needs. Returnable plastic packaging prototypes should work as closely as possible to what the customer needs:

  • perfect integration into the logistic process
  • all features and benefits can be observed
  • passing all performance tests for loading capacity, temperature resistance, etc.

In fact, we don’t want to treat these initial products as prototypes, but the first item in the client’s order. Thus, we do not spare any attention to detail and precision in manufacturing these prototypes.

We Build Long Term Partnerships through Constant Customer-Led Innovation

At Logistic Packaging, every new client is a potential long-term partner. We understand the value of having a trusted packaging supplier for any business and we strive to honor their trust through excellence in everything we do.

By inviting customers to be involved in the process of creating their returnable plastic packaging materials, we also invite them to be stakeholders in the research and development in the packaging solutions of the future.

Are you looking for specialized packaging solutions or for standard reusable plastic packages? At Logistic Packaging you will benefit from our know-how and enjoy the opportunity to see your ideas come to life through our expertise. Send us an email and let us start discussing your packaging project!