spring strawberries loaded in rigid pallet boxes

Pallet Boxes: Helping Agribusinesses during the Spring Harvest Season

Spring brings agribusinesses the first opportunity to reap the benefits of their hard planting and nurturing work over the past few months. As professional packaging producers, for the Logistic Packaging team it is the season to supply farms, warehouses and retailers with rigid and foldable pallet boxes to gather the first harvest and bring it to the store shelves in perfect conditions.

The Challenges of Bringing Spring Harvest from Farm to Store

Over the years, our close cooperation with small and large farms helped us understand the main challenges of taking fresh produce to the warehouse and then distributing it to various supermarkets.

The main constraints are:

  • Time – some fruit and vegetables are delicate and have a short lifespan
  • Risk of damage – all farm produce are sensitive to mechanical shocks, which cause cuts, bruising or crushing
  • Climate control – most produce need a low temperature and ventilation to maintain their freshness.

Five Ways in Which Pallet Boxes Help Agribusinesses Collect and Sell Produce

Let us now explain why we recommend pallet boxes as the main packaging solution for harvesting and distribution to retailers. These are benefits shared with us by our clients over the years:

1. Rigid Pallet Boxes Speed Up the Harvesting Process

Harvest picking is made simpler by the use of large rigid containers. Placing these containers in carefully chosen places, allows farm employees to collect the produce faster by unloading their own containers or the storage unit of the harvesting machines directly into the container.

Once a large container is filled, the harvest coordinator loads it in the truck and replaces it with an empty one. This process ensures that the entire crop area is fully harvested and no produce is lost during transport to the pooling center.

2. Pallet Boxes Ensure Safety on the Roads and in the Warehouse

Rigid pallet boxes have a very sturdy build. They undergo many tests to ensure that:

  • They form a stable stack
  • They do not crack if they topple
  • They can withstand a heavy static, dynamic and stack load.

This makes them ideal for bringing the harvest from the farm to the warehouse where the containers can be stacked in racks awaiting distribution to supermarkets or food processing plants.

3. Special Design Features Allow Proper Ventilation

When clients order pallet containers from us, the Logistic Packaging consultants always ask about the packaging application. If you need then to transport sensitive fruit and leafy greens, we always recommend the models with perforated walls.

These walls ensure proper ventilation and quick evaporation of excess humidity. Thus, the produce will maintain its freshness for a longer time, until reaching the store shelves.

4. Foldable Pallet Containers Facilitate Unloading

Some agribusinesses prefer to use foldable pallet boxes, because they have an ergonomic sleeve design facilitating loading and unloading. This is important when employees have to sort harvested produce by quality.

The ergonomic design of the sleeve reduces the risk of work injuries and damage to the produce during unloading and sorting.

5. Foldable Pallet Boxes Can Be Used as In-Store Displays

The professional design and finish of the foldable large containers makes them an excellent choice for displaying produce in supermarkets. When they are not in use, the pallet boxes can be folded down on the base, reducing their volume by 70%. The folding mechanism is very easy – it only takes one employee to set up or collapse the container.

Moreover, the sleeve feature of these containers is also very helpful for customers to pick the products they want to buy with ease.

Last but not least, the large foldable containers can be customized with brand colors, company name, logo and other information by hot stamping or printing.

Logistic Packaging is your trusted provider for standard or customized returnable packaging solutions for all industries, including agriculture. Send us an email presenting your packaging application and our consultants will help you select the adequate packages for your needs!