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Pallet Boxes for the Food Industry: Another Successful Case Study

In today’s case study we want to point out the main benefits of switching from old packaging systems, which were deemed traditional due to lack of alternatives, to modern and reliable solutions, such as pallet boxes. These big plastic boxes have a long history in the food industry, being used at many stages in the food processing chain, from the moment fruit and vegetables are picked and shipped, to the moment large quantities of food cans are sent to central warehouses.

A Costly Traditional Packaging Material

The client that approached us operates in the vegetables processing business and used metallic drums to store their processed merchandize. For a very long time, metallic drums were considered the standard packaging materials in this specific niche of the food industry. It was not the best and most cost efficient solution for many reasons. One of them is that the drums needed to be repaired every once in a while and they had a very limited useful life.

Another costly aspect of using the metallic drums is that the client had to adapt, or pay for customized designed and manufacturing of every type of equipment for the handling of these drums. Thus, they were running high costs with the logistic machines and equipment, plus they had to invest in supplementary packaging materials to store and ship the metallic drums, namely wooden pallets.

The Client’s Requirements: Longer Life Span, Higher ROI

The client needed to optimize their logistic costs in order to maintain competitive prices for their end products. Every supplementary cost with packaging materials, transport and logistic operations is reflected in the final cost for manufacturing a product and transferred into the sale price.

In a highly competitive market, the client could not continue to spend money on repairs on the metallic drum, replacing them every 3 years and investing in wooden pallets and custom made logistic equipment. They needed a packaging solution which would offer them large storage space, compliance with the regulations of the food industry, easy handling with standard automated equipment and good amortization of the investment.

Our Recommendation: Pallet Boxes with Lids

The pallet boxes offer a sturdy build and a generous storage space. They are the ideal packaging material for many industries, such as distribution, manufacturing, food and agriculture.

Stackable and solid, the boxes help companies pack a lot of products in a compact, space saving manner. Thus, their transport and storage expenses are lower, and they can also save on the logistic equipment, because the pallet boxes can be safely unloaded with any standard discharge system for pallet boxes.

How We Complied With the Client’s Requirements

The specialists at Logistic Packaging have based their recommendation on the client’s basic requirements. The pallet boxes are a safe and long term use replacement for the metallic drum. They do not break down even after intense use, do not need constant repairs, are easy to clean, thus they have a high return on investment (ROI) through the more frequent usage cycles compared to other products.

Also, the plastic boxes are more hygienic than metallic drums, thus creating a safer environment for the storage of the food products manufactured by the client. Finally, the ability to handle them by standard forklift trucks and discharge systems will greatly reduce the client’s expenses with logistic equipment.

The client’s business has experienced a significant improvement in terms of costs, time saving with logistic operations and their products can now compete in terms of price due to the significant cuts in the manufacturing price.