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Best Practices for the Optimization of Returnable Transport Packaging

One of the key challenges of logistics managers is to optimize the supply chain costs. The COVID pandemic has added extra strains for all companies. Thus, saving money and finding more efficient solutions to ship goods has become a top priority. As professional packaging producers, we know one key aspect in optimizing the supply chain: choosing the right returnable transport packaging.

In this article, Logistic Packaging experts will share some of the most effective ways in which your company can save money and increase the volume of shipped goods. We base these best practices on years of experience in working with corporate clients in various industries. Choosing the adequate returnable transport packaging – both in terms of size and type – has proven to be one of the best ways of achieving this goal.

Returnable Transport Packaging – an Important Link in the Supply Chain

The supply chain in some industries is fully integrated. Suppliers of the automotive industry, for instance, use the same kind of returnable transport packaging – VDA-KLT containers and Galia boxes. They have similar protocols for loading and unloading products and order shipping.

This standardization allows automotive producers to work efficiently with vendors and assembly plants in different countries, sometimes on different continents. Other industries are taking note and starting to replicate the best practices used in the automotive industry:

  • Using standard returnable transport packaging
  • Applying lean management principles
  • Using kanban systems to plan production.

At the core of all these principle is the returnable transport packaging – the vehicle for moving goods from the basic raw materials phase to the finished items sent to store shelves.

Discover the Best Practices for Optimizing Returnable Transport Packaging

These are our recommendations for all clients who want to optimize their supply chain by upgrading their packaging options:

1. Choose Light-Weight Packaging

Professional packaging is made of modern, sturdy materials. Our R&D department is constantly working to discover new types of resins that offer exceptional strength for a low own weight.

Currently, some of our large returnable transport packaging solutions, such as foldable large containers, can carry a volume of 800 l of goods with a stack load of up to 1250 kg. The own weight of this container is only 39 kg. Thus, you can load a trailer with a larger payload in terms of merchandize, optimizing your shipping costs.

2. Pack More Items per Container

Increasing the density of products per transport returnable packaging unit is another best practice for optimizing the supply chain. You can do this in three ways:

  • Using standard packaging with a non-Euro footprint
  • Creating customized packaging solutions for your products
  • Adding dividers and compartment systems to standard packaging solutions.

These strategies will help you reduce the empty space in trailer – one of the most important ways in which your company loses money. According to a research study conducted by Peerless Research Group, at the present an average of 20% of trailer space is empty space. This means that companies that pay for a full trailer actually use 4/5 of the actual trailer volume. Just consider the savings you make by making full use of each trailer you rent.

3. Consider Distribution as a Factor in Selecting Returnable Transport Packaging

How long and complex is your supply chain? Do you ship your products from point A to point B without any interruptions? Or do your loaded returnable transport packaging materials make several stops along the way and change hands? How many times are they loaded and unloaded?

In most of the cases, speed is the paramount factor in distribution. Warehouse or customs employees are not always careful with loaded containers and palletized units. For this reason, you should discuss your supply chain with the packaging company. They will be able to recommend you adequate packaging materials for long distance shipping, such as containers with a double or reinforced base and heavy duty plastic pallets.

Logistic Packaging can help you select the adequate returnable transport packaging for your needs. We take into consideration several aspects of your supply chain and recommend products that help you optimize your shipping costs. Send us an email or schedule a Skpye video call with our experts to discuss your products!