pallet box discharge system

How to Operate the Pallet Box Discharge System Safely

Logistic equipment, such as the pallet inverter or the pallet box discharge system, make work easier, faster and safer in warehouses and facilities where raw materials are being unpacked and distributed along the production line. These machines replace manual labor, can handle large quantities of products in a short period of time and are very reliable in their operation.

One of the simplest types of logistic equipment is the pallet box discharge system. It operates simply through the gravitational force, does not have electric or hydraulic parts and can be fitted to the majority of forklift trucks and can be used to all types of standard pallet boxes. The operating principle is simple:

  • The pallet box is fitted inside the discharging system, by adjusting the mobile sides to a tight hold;
  • The operator lifts the forklift to the highest position;
  • By a simple tipping movement, the contents of the pallet box are discharged into the designated area or container.

Although it seems extremely simple to operate this type of logistic equipment, your company must still enforce the best safety practice for all the employees working with the pallet box discharge system or in the area of its operation. Every year there is a large number of labor accidents worldwide, many of them being the result of not following safety procedures.

Therefore, these are the most important safety rules which your employees must comply with when operating the pallet box discharge system:

1. Check the Equipment Before Use

Before putting it to use, the operators must perform a thorough visual check of the discharge system. If they notice signs of rust, damage, loose parts, they must immediately notify their superior and not use the system at all.

Being made of metal, the pallet box discharge system has a large weight and if it breaks and falls to the ground it could cause serious injuries, or even prove fatal to the operator and to by-standers.

2. Allow Only Qualified Forklift Operators to Use the Equipment

Operating a forklift truck, even the simplest models, is a qualified work which requires training. The person who is assigned the task to operate the pallet box discharge system must be a certified forklift operator, with the qualifications and safety training up to date.

3. Do Not Allow Employees Around the Pallet Box Discharge System in Operation

Accidents can happen at any moment. A damaged pallet box, a too swift operation of the discharge system, and the contents could be spilled, or the pallet box dropped from the system. For this reason, you must designate a clearance radius around the discharge system and not allow any employee to stand there, for any reason.

4. Perform Preventive Maintenance on the Pallet Box Discharge System

Although it is a fairly simple and very sturdy machine, the pallet box discharge system must be inspected periodically, to check it physical integrity and the smooth operation of the mobile sides. Always consult the manufacturer’s owner manual and follow the procedure listed there for the care of your equipment.

5. Do Not Allow Operators Under Specific Medical Treatment to Operate the Equipment

There are certain drugs which contain warnings for the reduced ability to operate vehicles. You must instruct all your forklift operators to inform their superior if they were prescribed a treatment containing one of these drugs and not allow them to operate any logistic equipment until their treatment is over and all the side effects of the medications passed.

As a final recommendation, you should prepare a list of all the safety precautions and display it prominently in all the areas where the pallet box discharge system or any other logistic machines are in use and require all your employees to undergo the safety training before they start working with these machines.