New Year Message from the Logistic Packaging Team

2016 is nearly over and as we prepare to step into the new year, we take a moment both to look back on the achievements we have accomplished and forward towards new, exciting things to come. At every year end, all companies count their wins and losses, draw the line and can truly say whether they have had a good year.

Highlights of 2016 for Logistic Packaging

  • Better Communication with Customers

At Logistic Packaging, we are happy to say that we have had a great year in 2016. In this year, we have truly come closer to our customers and partners by redesigning our website and being more active in our social media engagements. We have enlarged our team of expert consultants, packaging specialists and communicators and we have opened up new communication channels with potential customers.

In the process of stepping outside of the previous boundaries, we have learned more about what our customers expect from us, what challenges they face and how we can meet them halfway with our recommendations, suggestions and solutions.

  • New Products Development

In 2016, Logistic Packaging focused on providing customers with specialized products to satisfy their specific needs. Thus, we have included a range of non-Euro boxes and non-Euro stackable containers which include various footprints which we have noted as the most in demand from our customers. These products are now manufactured and priced as any other standard range, which means a shorter time of manufacturing and delivery and reduced costs for our customers.

  • More Focus on Customized Solutions

This year, our specialists were busier than ever analyzing and designing customized packaging solutions for our customers. As all industries grow in their specificity, our experts are always on the alert to discover and implement the most effective and reliable materials and technologies. The know-how and experience we have accumulated over the years help us propose the most adequate customized products and solutions for all the individual projects we tackle.

Our New Year Resolutions

  • Expanding Our Business Towards New Territories

In 2017 we plan to expand our business activity in territories outside of the European Union, more precisely in African countries such as Tunisia and Morocco. The automotive industry has recently focused on these territories since they offer a perfect balance between production costs and ease of access through the Suez Canal towards Europe.

  • Expanding Our European Network of Partners and Distributors

Ever since we have launched our new website which includes the special contact form for potential distributors, our European network of local distributors has grown beyond our expectations. We are both honored and excited by the trust placed in us by entrepreneurs and companies which have chosen to carry the Logistic Packaging brand and become ambassadors for our packaging products and solutions.

  • Growing Our Business and Team

Logistic Packaging is continually expanding ā€“ both in terms of turnover and team of packaging experts and consultants. We want to be everywhere where our customers need us and to provide excellent products and service to all of them. As our customersā€™ businesses grow, we will grow alongside them and remain the same trusted partners we have been so far.

We will end this article, the last for this year, with our warmest wishes for all our readers, customers and partners.

Happy New Year!