Logistic Optimization and Space Saving for an Automotive Parts Manufacturer

The automotive industry is one of the most dynamic and challenging business environments for any company. The competition between manufacturers to offer people better cars at affordable prices leads to strategic decisions for logistic optimization of all manufacturing operations.

Auto parts manufacturers have to continually supply the assembly lines with the required components in a steady flow. In order to reduce their costs and improve their productivity, these companies have to plan every aspect of their operations carefully, starting with the packaging materials they use, and up to setting a partnership with a freight forwarding company.

Recently, our company had the opportunity to help an automotive parts manufacturers achieve logistic optimization and space saving in packaging and shipping their products.

The Beginning

Logistic Packaging was approached by a large sized automotive parts provider, which needed an efficient, cost and space saving solution for packaging and preparing their products for shipping to the assembly line facility.

The main challenge represented by the products (car door inserts) were:

  • They need special protection from scratches, dust and shocks during transport
  • Due to their specific size and form, the products do not fit properly in a standard container without losing valuable space
  • The standard containers traditionally used for shipping these products are heavy and take up a lot of storage space.

The Evaluation

Our specialists have already a solution in mind, from previous experience working with clients in the automotive industry. However, we decided to keep an open mind and refrain from making a product recommendation before analyzing the client’s logistic operations from the moment the products receive the finishing touch and until they are shipped in a trailer.

We made the following findings:

  • The products are large sized, with one sensitive side, which must be protected from any kind of damage during transportation
  • The company uses forklifts which are used for 4-side container manipulation
  • The required storage and shipping stacking configuration is: 3+1 in the warehouse, 2+1 in the trailer

The Solution: Ecopack Containers for Logistic Optimization and Space Saving

After considering the client’s requirements and our know-how in terms of logistic process optimization and space saving solution, we recommended the Ecopack large foldable containers with textile dunnage inserts.

Our reasoning:

  • The Ecopack large container has the adequate dimensions to pack the client’s products efficiently, in a safe and space saving manner
  • Stackability of 3+1 fully complies with the client’s requirement
  • The mobile sleeve door offers ideal access to loading and unloading the container
  • The base with 9 legs is ideal for 4-side forklift manipulation
  • The interior of the container can be fitted with various inserts, separators and dividers, which can be folded down together with the collapsible walls
  • Once the container is empty, its walls collapse on the base, reducing the overall volume by 75%

In making this recommendation, we made sure that we follow the client’s request and add the extra benefit of space saving when the containers are empty on the return journey or in storage. The simple folding system allows fast set-up and collapsing, allowing the company’s employees to prepare the containers for loading with products in a short time, without interrupting the seamless supply chain flow.