affordable packaging solutions

The Challenge for Logistic Companies: Promoting Affordable Packaging Solutions

Ever since the beginning of the economic crisis, companies in all industries worldwide have been trying to offer competitive prices, by opting for affordable packaging solutions, finding alternative suppliers of raw materials and even reducing their workforce. Even though the overall global economy has given signs of getting back on track, the trend for cutting costs has remained.

For packaging and logistic companies, this means that their customers continually demand cost efficient and reliable products and solutions to prepare their products for storage and shipping. The introduction of automated manufacturing lines with conveyor belts and robotized machines has prompted the development of special packaging materials which can be handled and used with these systems.

Promoting Affordable Packaging Solutions: The Key to Success

Manufacturing and distribution companies approach packaging companies with the expectation of finding long term sustainable solutions for replacing their stock of old and unreliable packages. For these companies, affordable means: reliable, reusable, and short to medium term return on investment.

This means that logistic companies, in turn, have to adapt their business model, by finding innovative solutions for decreasing their own internal logistic and manufacturing costs, by investing more in research and development and creating sustainable solutions for their customers.

The Winners of the Game: New and Adaptable Companies

For longer established packaging companies with solid business structures and a long tradition, the transformation and adaptation to the new market conditions was more complex, involving painful decisions regarding the work force and the organization of internal departments.

For newly established companies which experienced the economic crisis and the new demands from customers from the beginning, the transition was smooth, and it was incorporated from the start in their business model. These companies promoted cost efficient and affordable packaging solutions, such as the Logistrech load securing band which successfully replaces expensive packaging materials, as their unique selling proposition in the attempt to attract customers through a good price/benefits ratio.

Affordable Customization through Modern Technologies

At the present, manufacturing a batch of custom sized cut & weld pallet boxes is an affordable option for companies manufacturing oversized products. The full automation of the customization procedures have allowed packaging companies to reduce their costs and thus offer products at competitive prices.

For companies in various industries which had to invest significant amounts of money for the customization of the standard packages this means that they can count on adequate, reliable and affordable packaging solutions, allowing them to offer their clients products at competitive prices.

At present, the entire world’s economy is interlocked through complex relationships which ensure the efficient distribution of goods wherever they are needed. At the heart of this complex system, logistic companies fine tune the flow of products and services through innovative and affordable packaging solutions and continuous efforts of research and development.