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Dairy Products Delivery Packaging: Challenges and Solutions

Every logistics manager in food processing facilities and supermarket chains knows that dairy products are extremely sensitive. Some of the products, such as milk and cottage cheese, have short shelf lives. Others can become contaminated by contact and become unsafe to eat. Also, dairy products delivery packaging must protect the tender cheese from marking and crushing.

However, these products are staples in people’s daily diet all over the world. This means, that there is a constant demand for fresh and high quality dairy products. As professional packaging producers, the specialists at Logistic Packaging know that dairy products processing plants and supermarkets are under constant supervision from government authorities and consumer watchdogs. They are looking for any issues that may appear along the supply chain. In this context, dairy products delivery packaging plays a crucial role.

The Key Challenges that Dairy Product Delivery Packaging Must Overcome

When it comes to packaging, storing and shipping dairy products, the main challenges that producers and distributors must overcome are:

1. Maintaining Hygiene at Every Point of the Supply Chain

From cattle farm to fridge, dairy products must be safe from any kind of contamination. There are so many potential risks:

  • Spillages
  • Dirt and mold
  • Contact with other food products
  • Germs and bacteria.

Such incidents can appear at every step of the journey from the point of origin to the store shelf. The only factor that can consistently mitigate them is the use of adequate dairy products delivery packaging.

2. Maintaining Constant Temperature during Cold Storage and Delivery

Dairy products of all kinds must be kept at low temperatures. Even pasteurized products require cold storage to maintain their shelf life. This aspect has many implications on the selection of:

  • Warehousing facilities
  • Means of transportation
  • Packaging materials.

As far as our specialists are concerned, the last item is not an issue. All the dairy products delivery packaging solutions have temperature resistances between -20 degrees Celsius and +40 degrees Celsius. They are adequate for use in cold storage facilities even for long periods of time.

3. Handling with Care

Dairy products are very sensitive to mechanical shocks. Milk bottles, yogurt and sour cream tubs can easily break. Fresh cheese can crush and break into fragments, becoming unappealing for customers.

This is why distribution companies must pay great attention to handling. However, they are also pressed by tight delivery times. Thus, they are relying on automated material handling equipment to do the heavy lifting.

However, these modern logistic machineries require a specific type of packaging – with design features that allow a good grip and stability in stack. Professional dairy products delivery packaging is designed and built for modern applications – including automation in the warehouse.

We Recommend these Dairy Products Delivery Packaging Solutions

Now that we described the challenges, we are ready to present the solutions as well. Logistic Packaging specialists recommend the following returnable packaging materials for dairy deliveries:

1. EURO Stack Nest Containers 1800

These stackable and nestable plastic containers with standard footprint offer exceptional protection to delicate dairy products. They have a sturdy build and smooth inner walls, which prevent marking.

Also, the EURO stack and nest containers 1800 are made from raw materials approved for food contact – they do not leak chemicals. Thus, the delivery containers are ideal both for bulk and packaged dairy products.

Moreover, thanks to their design, they save space when not in use. Just turn them around, and they become nestable, reducing their volume by up to 70%.

2. Nestable Containers with Lids

For maximum protection during transportation, we recommend this range of dairy products delivery packaging. Designed especially for industries where hygiene is a must, the nestable containers with lid offer a safe and secure packaging unit. You can even apply a seal to guarantee the integrity of your products.

This packaging is ideal for premium dairy products, which require special protection from all kinds of interferences.

3. Hygienic Pallets

Finally, once you have a stack of boxes, you need a reliable pallet to create a packaging unit. The hygienic pallets (also known as cleanroom pallets) are the right choice for dairy products. They are specifically designed to allow fast and complete sanitizing.

For extra protection during transportation, you can add anti-slip mats and pallet covers.

Logistic Packaging offers a complete range of standard and custom sized returnable packaging materials for all industries. If you need safer and more reliable dairy products delivery packaging, we are ready to recommend the best ranges for your need. Send us an email and describe your packaging project to our experts!