smart devices need customized returnable packaging for storage and shipping

The Rise of Customized Returnable Packaging: Hi-Tech Requires Special Protection

We live in a world where technology becomes more and more advanced and becomes a part of every aspect of our lives. In this world, customized returnable packaging solutions become the norm, because smart devices need special protection in storage and during transit. This is why professional packaging producers like Logistic Packaging are shifting more focus towards the segment of plastic packages designed and produced specifically for a product.

A Constant Trend Leads to New Business Goals for Packaging Producers

One of our New Year resolutions is to increase our market share on the customized packaging sector. This is not just a vainglorious ambition, but the natural response to a growing trend. Both the electronics and automotive industries are asking for more freedom in designing and building their own packaging solutions, according to precise specifications.

It does not spell the end of standard packaging. Instead, customized returnable packaging materials become equally in demand as standard counterparts, not just an incidental occurrence in the flow of orders.

Smart Devices Contain Sensitive Electronic Parts

Consumers have developed a taste for smart devices they can operate with minimum effort or even program to repeat specific tasks. From self-dimming lights or the coffee machine that always has your morning brew ready at the same hour to advanced car computers and smartphones, these devices have one thing in common.

They are extremely delicate and can be easily damaged by mechanical shocks, spillages and dust or dirt. Also, they contain sensitive electronic parts, which require specific protection against electrostatic discharges.

The very characteristics of smart devices impose the development of customized returnable packaging for their storage and shipment. Here are some of the most important problems that custom packaging solve for producers and distributors of smart devices:

1. Maximizing Product Density per Container

The smart devices industry is extremely competitive, so producers are looking for effective ways to cut costs and maintain their pricing competitive. One solution is packing more products per shipment to optimize transportation costs.

However, this is not possible if your company is using standard packaging materials, without risking the damage of a part of products. Customized packaging involves adding dividers and pouches that help pack more products inside a container without compromising their safety.

2. Space Saving and ESD: the Winning Combo

Space saving is one of the mantras for logistics managers. Unfortunately, there are few standard foldable or stack-nest plastic containers made of ESD materials, suitable for electronic parts and components.

This is where our packaging consultants step in to help smart device producers and resellers. We help you choose the most adequate model of space saving shipping box or tote and produce it using EDS material instead of standard PP or PE.

3. Incorporating Special Features for Extra Protection

Customized returnable packaging can be designed with as many specific add-ons and optional features as our clients need. Here are just a few examples:

  • Foam inserts to protect delicate products from mechanical shocks
  • Textile dunnage to protect screens and other sensitive surfaces from scratching
  • Reinforced base an walls for heavy-duty protection
  • Specific dimensions to accommodate products of non-standard shape and size
  • Lids with anti-tampering seals
  • RFID chips or barcodes embedded in the packaging material.

4. Customized Returnable Packaging Has a Low Total Cost of Ownership

Last but not least, companies producing and selling smart devices can reduce overheads by opting for customized returnable packaging materials. They are designed and built for intense use and have a long lifespan.

Also, these packages are easy to clean and sanitize and maintain their professional aspect until the end of their lifespan. Before delivering a batch of products, we perform several tests to check their strength and durability, even in case of accidental dropping.

The team of experienced packaging designers at Logistic Packaging can help you create the perfect customized packaging materials for your sensitive products. Send us an email to start discussing with one of our consultants!