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Customer Care in the Professional Packaging Business: Going Beyond the Promises

Any professional packaging company thrives on its satisfied and loyal customers. For us, at Logistic Packaging, the concept of customer care is a key element of our business model. And today we will share our opinions and beliefs on what it means to serve your customers in the current business world.

Communication First

New technologies connect people more efficiently than ever before. This means that companies can expand to new territories without losing control over their operations. The communication between headquarters and local branch offices is as efficient overseas, as it would be in a face to face meeting.

By extrapolation, the communication with customers from different countries is more effective and meaningful than ever. While email exchanges are great for having business agreements in writing, a video call is the best way in which you can truly get to know your customer, understand their needs and problems and present your solutions.

But communication goes beyond pitching a new customer or closing a sale. All professional packaging experts want to see that the customer gets the most of their purchase. Whenever necessary, we have follow up meetings with our customers and advise them on the best way of integrating the newly bought packaging solutions in their logistic operations.

Building Trust in the Professional Packaging World

There is more to a batch of containers than simply selling a packaging solution. We are selling promises: the promise that your products will arrive intact at the destination; the promise that you will optimize your logistic costs; and the promise that these products will serve you for a long time, and you will recover your investment in full.

A connected world means that every faux pas can be instantly shared with others and that it really happens. Statistics indicate that 95% of customers, both in B2C and B2B, share a negative customer service experience on the social media and warn others against working with the respective company.

Statistics also show that:

  • 70% of people are willing to purchase more expensive products from a company which offers excellent customer service,
  • 62% of new customers will repeat the purchase from a business which offered them a positive purchase experience.

What does it mean in terms of professional packaging? First of all, it means knowing your customer’s needs. On several occasions, discussing with new customers about their business and why they need a specific product led to us recommending a completely different product from the one they wanted to buy. For a packaging expert, the most important part of the job is providing the adequate plastic packaging for the customer’s products, warehousing processes and logistics and supply chain operations.

Keeping the End Customer in Mind

Professional packaging companies serve other companies. And these companies also have their customers – the end consumer. When we design and manufacture our plastic containers, pallets, shipping crates and boxes, we always keep in mind that they will be used to transport products bought by these end consumers. Therefore, we take the best care to provide you with reliable and safe packaging materials, which offer the best protection to your products during storage, handling, and shipping.

In this way, you can keep your own promises to your customers: to offer them high quality products which are safe to use. We understand the restrictions and safety regulations in each industry, including the automotive, food and pharmaceutical industries. So we continually invest in research and development to create better and safer packaging solutions.

In the end, customer care in professional packaging means making sure that global trade and supply chains work smoothly and that corporate and individual customers are treated fairly and receive the products they need in pristine condition.