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Can You Offer Your Clients an Amazon-Class Shopping Experience?

Whether we love it or we hate it, Amazon has become an industry standard in terms of delivering exceptional shopping experience to its customers. From the simple and straightforward checkout and payment procedure, to the fast and reliable delivery of the products, it seems like this company found the formula for success for 21st century online retail.

How Do They Get It Right?

The success behind Amazon’s shopping and delivery process relies on one basic concept: keep your promises to your customers and even exceed them. This means that all the logistic processes in any company should be developed and implemented as a response to these key questions:

  • What is the customer’s expectation when searching for a product?
  • How do they select between different companies offering the same product?
  • How can I do things differently from my competitors and deliver better customer service?

The bottom line is this: on a market where the products themselves do not have very different characteristics and quality from one brand to another (we are not referring to luxury products in this discussion) what really makes the difference is how companies treat the customers before, during and after the purchase.

So, what does it take to be just like Amazon in the fulfillment of your promises to your customers?

 1. Always Deliver on Time

There are many things you can defend, except for late delivery. Your customers depend on getting their products on time in order to fulfill the promises they made to their own customers. How do you always deliver your orders on time? On one hand, by establishing a long term partnership with a reliable transporting company. On the other hand, by optimizing your warehouse logistic operations, so that each order is prepared quickly, accurately and is ready to be loaded when the truck arrives.

2. Each Product In Its Adequate Packaging

Some products require specific packaging in order to protect them from tampering, damage during transport and various contaminants. Food and pharmaceutical products are two such special types of products requiring maximum hygiene and, sometimes, thermal insulation.

Professional packaging companies like Logistic Packaging can help you with a wide range of products for specific applications in the food and pharma industries:

3. Secure Your Products During Transport

When they make a purchase, customers expect to receive their order exactly as they placed it: without any missing or damaged product. An incomplete order is just as bad for your reputation as a late delivery. The damage to your company goes beyond the actual monetary loss – you will lose your customers’ confidence.

To prevent that from occurring, you should always pack your products in professional and reliable packaging materials, such as attached lid containers which can also have an anti-tampering seal applied on the latch, or in special nestable containers with a RFID seal provided as standard accessory.

4. Allow Customers to Track Their Order

Customers are no longer happy to know the delivery date – they want to follow the journey of their order and estimate as closely as possible the hour when they receive the products. By applying RFID labels on your shipping containers, both you and your customer can follow the products in real time from checkpoint to checkpoint, until the delivery at the customer’s door.

5. Always Put Passion in What You Do

Last, but not least, demonstrate genuine interest in serving your customers, understanding their needs and solving their problems. Go beyond the standard mission statement you write on your website and brochures and celebrate your customers’ success, be a part of it by providing them with the products they need and they will contribute to your success, as well.