vda klt crates

Automotive Parts Manufacturer Understands why VDA KLT Crates Are an Industry Standard Packaging

VDA KLT crates are arguably the most frequently used types of packaging materials in the automotive industry. Developed by German car makers and a mandatory package in German auto assembly facility, these specialized plastic containers were adopted by many other companies in this industry.

However, there are still many businesses from the automotive manufacturing circuit which are still using inadequate or non-standard packaging solutions. For this reason, they sustain losses and are unable to implement modern automation solutions. At the same time, their relationships with clients and vendors are strained, because they do not deliver their products in the standard VDA KLT or Galia packages which are used in this industry.

The packaging specialists at Logistic Packaging encountered this issue recently. The logistics and purchasing managers of an automotive parts manufacturer approached us for help with their logistics issues.

An Automotive Manufacturer’s Storage and Handling Issues

The Romanian based automotive parts manufacturer delivers their products in the closed logistics loop of car manufacturing and assembly. They ship their products to another manufacturing facility where these products are assembled to create components and subsystems.

The company has a constant monthly demand of products which must be ready to be shipped on specific dates. This means that their manufacturing flow and warehouse storage operations must run smoothly to avoid glitches and breakdown in production.

At the first inspection of the client’s premises, the packaging expert team from Logistic Packaging noted the containers and crates used for the storage and shipment of the products. These were not standard products for the automotive industry, such as Galia or VDA KLT crates.

The crates had a low static and dynamic load, meaning that the storage facility was full of damaged packages and half loaded crates. Although the shelf system was professionally designed, the client could not fully take advantage of it due to the inadequate packaging materials.

At the same time, the logistics manager told our experts that their customer kept commenting on each order that the packages are difficult to handle with their automated robots.

The Packaging Team Presents the Benefits of VDA KLT Crates

The team of specialists was surprised to notice that the logistics manager did know that VDA KLT containers are standard for the industry, but the buying department insistent of a less expensive packaging option.

In truth, the VDA KLT range of products has a premium price compared to everyday packaging materials, but the price is justified by the specific benefits of the product:

  • A sturdy build which sustains high static and dynamic loads – specific to small but heavy car parts
  • Special design of the walls and the bottom with reinforcing ribs, to offer extra strength for the specific VDA C-KLT range;
  • A multitude of struts and grab points for robots to handle the crates from various positions and angles;
  • Integrated label holder on the long and short sides to facilitate a quick identification of the contents.

How the VDA KLT Range of Products Made the Difference for the Client

A quick demonstration of the capabilities of the products convinced the client to choose VDA KLT crates to replace their current packaging solutions. They were especially impressed with the ability of cross-stacking smaller crates horizontally above larger ones, given their precise standard sizes.

By applying the full stacking capabilities of the VDA KLT crates, the client was finally able to make the most of their shelf system and free up lots of space. Thus, the client was able to create larger aisles and use remote controlled vehicles and automated loading equipment.

A short time after implementing the new packaging materials, our client became receiving very positive feedback and reviews from their own clients. The decision to use standard industry materials helped them deliver their products in a manner compatible to the best practices in their field of business.

After the most recent post sale discussion with the client, our specialists were happy to note that the VDA KLT crates proved the right solution to solve the client’s problems and help them comply with the conditions required by their customers.