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Special Sized Standard Euro Containers Suit Challenging Shipping Needs

Many clients from the distribution and automotive industry have a special challenge to face: shipping items of specific sizes in containers. These companies face the same challenges, such as the need to cut their shipping costs, and improve their supply chain flow as all the other companies in any other industry. So, facing the extra challenge of finding the right type of packaging for their product only adds to the difficulties they need to provide for/

The most common types of special sized products are cable harnesses, pipes and other items which have a narrow width, but an oversized length. For these products, packing and shipping them in a safe and cost effective manner is a challenge. For a long time, the only solution was customized cut & weld containers, which are expensive and only manufactured in large quantities.

EURO Containers for Special Sized Products

Logistic Packaging wants to do that extra something to support our clients in increasing their productivity and becoming more efficient in their logistic and packaging processes. Thus we decided to take the basic stackable EURO container and adapt its size to fit our clients’ products.

We can offer currently EURO containers with the special bases of:

These base dimensions were calculated after we consulted with our clients and understood their needs to package large products in a space saving and cost effective manner. Now you can treat your special sized items just like any standard sized products, because our special sized EURO containers are available as standard item, with no minimum order restrictions.

With Logistic Packaging, your logistics processes run smoother, faster and more efficient. Whatever your special packaging need, we have a solution for it!